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Wind and snow cause hazardous conditions in several U.S. states

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Wind and snow warning (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Wind and snow affect travel in parts of the U.S.
  • Conditions are hazardous in some places.
  • What climate experts say.

A powerful snowstorm gripped the center of the country over the Christmas weekend, causing chaos on the roads.

There have also been significant accumulations of snow, which could cause more problems as the end of the year approaches.

Weather forecasters warn of the possibility of a full-blown snowstorm in some areas of the United States.

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Photo: MundoNOW

A snowstorm that covered the interior of the West in snow over the weekend has gained strength in the center of the country.

Therefore, a warning was issued due to dangerous conditions on the roads that could alter travel plans for thousands of people.

AccuWeather meteorologists warn that the storm could intensify, causing significant accumulation of snow in several parts of the country.

Given this, experts fear that roads will become slippery due to freezing rain in regions further north and east.

Warning issued for hazardous conditions in parts of the U.S.

Storm, snow, Christmas, United States, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

Since the storm’s onset in the West on Saturday, notable snow accumulations have been reported in elevated areas.

Among them, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico stood out, where the temperature dropped considerably, causing problems for residents.

In Denver, snow covered the ground Sunday, creating slick conditions on major arterial roads such as Interstate 25 and I-70.

The city of Burlington, in far eastern Colorado, reported a staggering total of 8 inches of snow in just three hours, according to experts.

Where have warnings been issued?

Snowstorm, Midcountry, Christmas, Nebraska, South Dakota
Photo: Shutterstock

Blizzard warnings were issued early Sunday across a wide swath spanning Nebraska, parts of South Dakota, Kansas and eastern Colorado.

Experts note that wind-blown snow in these areas can hamper visibility on roads.

In addition, strong winds will further complicate travel, so it is recommended to avoid driving.

The greatest impacts are expected west of I-29, along the I-80 and I-90 corridors of Nebraska and South Dakota, where drivers may encounter the greatest problems.

What is the snow forecast?

Colorado, Drifting Snow, Freezing Rain, Hazardous Conditions, Travel Affected
Photo: Shutterstock

In the hardest-hit areas, snow could accumulate quickly, hampering highway crews’ efforts to keep streets and interstates clear.

Motorists in the epicenter of the storm are at risk of becoming stranded due to the large amount of snow.

Given this panorama, AccuWeather meteorologists warn of the risk of ice formation to the east and north of the heaviest snowfall.

The storm will strengthen on Christmas night, generating gusty winds and contributing to a full blown snowstorm in some areas.

What do meteorologists say?

Snow Covered Roads, Gusty Winds, Reduced Visibility, Interstates
Photo: Shutterstock

Freezing rain is also emerging as a threat to communities in the vicinity of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Bad weather will also reach Fargo, North Dakota and northern Minnesota through Tuesday, experts said.

Travelers should take extreme precautions as roads that appear wet may be covered in a dangerous layer of ice.

In response to the adverse conditions, the National Weather Service issued ice storm forecast warnings for areas of eastern North Dakota and northeastern South Dakota.

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