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They claim that William Levy’s daughter discovered him with another woman

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William Levy daughter's discovery (Photo: Mezcalent/Instagram capture)
  • Kailey Levy discovered her father in a compromising situation.
  • Family scandal with William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez.
  • Criticism rains down on the Cuban actor on social media.

This scandal seems to have no end… Kailey, daughter of William Levy, may have discovered her father with another woman.

Recently, Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirmed her separation from the Cuban actor and model, but it seems that this is not over yet.

The reactions of users on social networks have not been long in coming and William has not come across very well.

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Kailey would have fought with William Levy

altercation, lawsuit, father and daughter, family, MundoNOW
They claim that William Levy’s daughter discovered him with the other woman / PHOTO: Meznivel

According to information from Univisión, the most recent family incident occurred on March 2.

On that date, William Levy prevented his daughter from entering his bedroom, since Kailey had heard another woman’s voice.

People en Español had access to the police report, which states that Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirmed that they no longer lived in that house.

However, they came to pick up the young woman’s clothes.

«The girl only copies patterns»

William Levy daughter, reactions, revelation, disappointment, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalo

William Levy’s daughter, who was accompanied by two cousins, commented that she heard a woman’s voice.

This voice came from the main bedroom of the house. Then, she tried to open the door and knocked, but she had no idea what was going to happen.

Her father immediately sat up and pushed his daughter to keep her out, but he said he didn’t mean to hurt her.

The actor told authorities that Kailey yelled: ‘Where is that bitch…?’ and denied the push.

Who will be telling the truth?

cousins, police, authorities, family, MundoNOW
They claim that William Levy’s daughter discovered him with the other woman / PHOTO: Instagram capture

On the other hand, it is said that William Levy gave the police officers a ‘tour’ of the house to show that there was no one there, only the maid.

Later, the authorities considered that no crime was committed, which is why no charges were filed.

Followers of the official Univisión Famosos Instagram account did not let much time pass to express their comments.

«Push your daughter, because if you have nothing to hide, such a man,» «And why didn’t you let her in if there was no one there?»

«This got out of control»

Christopher, Kailey, Elizabeth, family, MundoNOW
They claim that William Levy’s daughter discovered him with the other woman / PHOTO: Instagram capture

When it seemed that users would end their criticism of William Levy for what he allegedly did to his daughter, they continued.

«This got out of control, involving the children,» «How ugly that they involve their children in their problems.»

For his part, another person commented that ‘that man, referring to the actor, had to be left alone.’

«Typical of Cubans, putting women in the same house… but when they hit the jars or the women they fall in love and cry.»

«I will never forgive her again»

William Levy daughter, audio, call, 911, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalo

Finally, it should be noted that the audio of a call that William Levy made to 911 was leaked.

According to information from People en Español the Cuban actor said that his ex, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, was only thinking about her.

It was the host of ¡Siéntese quién pueda!, Lucho Borrego who talked to William about this whole situation.

«I also gave my best. I not only saw for myself and my family but also saw for her,» he commented.

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