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William Levy breaks his silence after split with Elizabeth Gutiérrez

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William Levy talks about split (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • William Levy talks about split.
  • He and Elizabeth Gutiérrez recently broke up again.
  • What did he say?

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez have been embroiled in drama in recent days following rumors of a split.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirmed the break up in an interview, putting an end to the speculation.

However, the couple continues to spark drama after reports of 911 calls and domestic violence have surfaced.

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William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez are over

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PHOTO: Meznivel

Recently, on Univision’s Siéntese Quién Pueda!, one of the presenters, Lucho Borrego, shared alleged statements from William Levy.

The Cuban actor made his feelings about ex Elizabeth Gutiérrez very clear.

According to Borrego, Levy said that she is only thinking about herself and that he tried his best in their marriage.

Borrego said that William Levy added that he not only looked out for his family, but also for Elizabeth, despite the recent accusations.

Levy talks about split with Gutiérrez

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PHOTO: Meznivel

When asked if there could be a reconciliation, Levy stated that there would not be, and according to Borrego, the actor said: «I will never forgive her again.»

This strong statement indicates the relationship really is over and makes it clear that Levy has no interest in a reconciliation with Gutiérrez.

A 911 call that Levy made in March was also recently released, in which he expressed concern about the whereabouts of their 14-year-old daughter.

In the call, Levy says he has a legal right to know where she is.

Both called police on different occasions

William Levy, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Actor, Actress, MundoNOW
PHOTO Mezheat

Levy’s concern for his daughter is evident in his 911 call, where he says that if something happens to her, he would blame himself.

However, the police explained that, because there was no signed custody agreement, there was little they could do.

According to People en Español Levy and Gutiérrez’s split has been tumultuous, with police responding to their South Florida home on at least four occasions in recent months for domestic altercations.

The magazine also revealed that the relationship, which lasted two decades, came to an end almost two months ago.

William Levy responds to Elizabeth Gutiérrez

William Levy, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Instagram, Actor, MundoNOW
William Levy talks about split / PHOTO: Instagram Capture

William Levy took to social media to present his side of the situation.

In a message on Instagram Stories addressed to his almost 12 million followers, Levy said that he would never do anything to harm the mother of his children.

«I have many things to say. I have my side of the story. But I would never do something that would make the mother of my children look bad. I have always prioritized my children’s mental health and it will continue to be so,» he wrote.

«What’s more, they know who I am and the truth of everything. I will remain calmly dedicated to my children and my career. Love you all,” he added.

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