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William Levy responds to hints from Elizabeth Gutiérrez after posting video with Samadhi Zendejas

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William Levy responds to Elizabeth Gutiérrez (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • William Levy responds to Elizabeth Gutiérrez on social media.
  • Video of Levy and Samadhi Zendejas causes a stir.
  • Gutiérrez’s hints spark curiosity.

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez are giving fans something to talk about once again after they shared some messages on social media.

It all started after Samadhi Zendejas appeared having fun in a car with William Levy in one of his Instagram stories.

It seems Elizabeth sent some hints about the video and William responded.

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William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas post a video together

William Levy responds to hints, William Levy, Samadhi Zendejas, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, social networks
PHOTO: Instagram capture

William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas appeared in a video that generated a stir on social media, sparking reactions and speculation about their relationship.

In the video, they are having fun singing in the car.

In addition, they expressed their gratitude to the fans of the series Volver a Mí, which they starred in together.

The chemistry between Levy and Zendejas has been a source of speculation in the past, and this video was no exception.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez reacts

Actress, Telemundo, Mexico, Famous, MundoNOW
William Levy responds to Elizabeth Gutiérrez / PHOTO: Meznivel

Fans quickly began to debate whether the relationship between goes beyond the screen and whether they are romantically involved.

However, one person who didn’t seem to appreciate the video was Elizabeth Gutiérrez, who dropped what appears to be a series of hints after the video went viral.

Gutiérrez’s hints seemed to hint at disapproval or discomfort with the situation.

Elizabeth’s comments ended up further fueling speculation about a possible relationship between Levy and Zendejas.

What did she say?

William Levy, Samadhi Zendejas, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Messages from Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Telemundo
PHOTO Instagram Capture

«Keep milking it. That way I know more about him. Thank you for showing me what I had not seen. I don’t know if it suits you. You continue,» said the first message posted by the 45-year-old singer.

«If ‘someone’ can have it, I don’t want it,» was another comment.

However, those were not the only comments that the popular actress shared after Zendejas’ post, she also shared a quote by Pablo Bendala.

«Yes, she knows how to smile while she breaks inside.»

William Levy responds

William Levy response, Samadhi Zendejas, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, social networks, Telemundo
PHOTO Instagram Capture

William Levy decided not to remain silent and defended himself on his official Instagram account.

In his post, Levy indirectly addressed Gutiérrez’s remarks, saying that in life there are people who do not want to see you happy and who will even seek to defame you.

«In life there are people who just don’t like to see you smile,» Levy said in his post.

He also noted that some people seek to destroy him and that he hopes they find love and light in their lives.

The controversy continues on social media

This response from Levy was interpreted as a direct reference to Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s hints.

There has long been speculation about the real relationship between Levy and Zendejas.

It was rumored Levy was cheating on his wife, and that this was the beginning of his relationship with Zendejas.

This highlights how social media amplifies and fuels speculation about our favorite stars.

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