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William Levy teaches his daughter to drive, but they are criticized for speaking English

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William Levy is criticized (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • The actor shares a moment with his daughter
  • End up receiving criticism
  • What was it that they told you?

William Levy, the renowned actor turned dedicated father, has taken on a new role as the ultimate driving instructor for his daughter Kailey.

With patience and dedication, Levy has imparted valuable lessons to Kailey, who, as she ventures behind the wheel, demonstrates promising skills.

William Levy wanted to share this special moment between father and daughter, but he never imagined that his followers would uncover a ‘detail’ in the video he shared on Instagram.

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Father and daughter moments

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William Levy is criticized PHOTO: Mezcalent

On his Instagram profile, the Cuban actor shared a delightful video capturing a special moment.

Kailey, who celebrated her fourteenth birthday on March 6th, showcased her driving skills while William was inside the car.

In the clip, Kailey is seen driving with ease, while her father proudly enjoys her progress.

This event marks a milestone in Kailey’s life, who demonstrates a natural ability for driving, supported by her father’s expert teaching.

They arrive at a baseball game

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

William Levy engages in lively conversation with his daughter as she drives, mentioning an obstacle on the road that caused a small scare.

«You left a wheel behind,» Levy comments amidst laughter, in a moment filled with father-daughter camaraderie.

Once they reach their destination, the actor, in a playful tone, celebrates the success of the trip despite Kailey being behind the wheel.

The Cuban actor smiles as he says, «We arrived safely at our destination.» Later, they enjoy a baseball game together, where Christopher, another son of the actor, plays.

They congratulate him for teaching his daughter

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

The comments from his followers highlight congratulations for the beloved actor for taking the time to spend these moments with his daughter.

«How beautiful that you take this time to spend with your daughter,» «Congratulations for giving this lesson to your little one,» they commented.

«Your children are very happy, they have a wonderful father,» «Magical moments with your princess, thank you for sharing such beautiful love,» they wrote.

«The most beautiful thing about this video is the bond they have between them… that is priceless, you are such a great father,» they say.

Receives harsh criticism

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PHOTO: Instagram William Levy

However, not everything was happiness, as they received several criticisms because throughout the entire video they only spoke in English and not in Spanish.

William Levy’s and his daughter’s followers began to leave strong comments for choosing to speak in another language.

«What a shame, with two Latin parents and she doesn’t speak Spanish, how unfortunate,» wrote one of the actor’s followers.

«I’m a little surprised that these parents, being Latinos, both speak English with the children??? Do you speak Spanish to them??? … It’s good that they know all languages!» they wrote to them.

They try to defend it

kailey levy, mundonow, william levy, actor,
PHOTO: Instagram William Levy

«Have you forgotten Spanish already?», «Why are they speaking in English? They’re ridiculous, they’re more Latino than anything,» the comments continued.

«The Cuban doesn’t speak Spanish anymore, hahaha,» «Latinos who think they’re Americans, they’re clowns,» they wrote.

«Why don’t they speak in Spanish if it’s their roots’ language?», «He’s already forgotten his native language,» his followers continued commenting.

Although other users tried to defend him since the actor lives in the USA with his family, according to his followers, he should speak more of his native language. VIEW VIDEO HERE.

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