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Accusations of domestic violence amid William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez split

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William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez (Photo: Mezcalent/MudnoNOW Archive)
  • William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez split.
  • Elizabeth appears heartbroken.
  • Now accusations of domestic violence have surfaced.

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez have split and the actress is speaking out.

Now, it’s being reported that police were called to their home on at least four occasions.

People en Español reports the unthinkable about the two stars.

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William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez split

Film festival, Almería, Spain, award, MundoNOW, William Levy
PHOTO: Mezcalo

Police allegedly went to the home of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez in Florida four times in response to domestic conflicts.

People en Español had access to police reports from the Davie police.

The police reports indicate that there were no accusations of violence, nor was either party charged with anything.

However, it is striking that one of the reports was sent to the Florida Abuse Hotline.

What happened between the couple?

William Levy Elizabeth together, marriage, divorce, love relationship
PHOTO: Getty Images

The actors have been separated for at least two months, according to People and the last time a domestic altercation was reported was on March 2.

At that time, Elizabeth Gutiérrez called the police because William Levy had allegedly pushed their 14-year-old daughter Kailey inside the home.

Apparently the actor was with another woman in the main bedroom. Upon hearing the female voice, his daughter Kailey tried to enter and he pushed her back.

The teenager told Elizabeth Gutiérrez, who was waiting outside the house, what had happened, so she called the authorities.

William Levy is accused of infidelity

Suspicions of son William Levy: Elizabeth asks for respect for her son
PHOTO: Mezcalo

It is no secret that actor William Levy is famous for having been unfaithful to Elizabeth Gutiérrez many times.

The Cuban actor’s version of this incident was that his daughter Kailey was banging on the door repeatedly shouting «Where is the p**a?»

He opened the door and pushed his daughter back to prevent her from entering, not to hurt her.

He gave police a tour of the house and assured them that only the cleaning lady was there.

They have been living apart for 2 months

Elizabeth Gutiérrez confirms breakup, mundonow, moved
PHOTO: Mezcalo

William Levy’s statements were true and no crime was committed, so the police left without filing charges.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez decided to move out of their shared residence two months ago.

On another occasion, William Levy spoke to police.

He explained that he had an argument with Elizabeth Gutiérrez because she took their daughter to live with her, while Christopher, their 18-year-old son, stayed with him.

William Levy said he didn’t know where his daughter was

William Levy, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, altercation, conflicts, attack
PHOTO: Mezcalo

The reason William Levy called the police that time was because he had no idea where his daughter Kailey was or where his estranged wife’s new apartment was.

Neither one was answering their phone.

The second major altercation allegedly occurred on January 29 and police found Elizabeth Gutiérrez crying in some bushes.

She alleged that Levy came to the house in the early morning yelling at her that she was a «bitch,» accusing her of being with another man and entering the home with a weapon.

Did Elizabeth Gutiérrez accuse Levy of abuse?

William Levy, Elizabeth Gutierrez

While the actress and presenter accused him of being drunk and on drugs, William Levy says that she was hiding a man in the closet.

The police didn’t file charges and videos from the residence didn’t show anyone hiding in a closet.

The first incident happened in October 2023 and when he arrived home from drinking with some friends, and they argued over that.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez finally admitted she has split from the actor, but neither has addressed the domestic violence allegations.

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