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Why you shouldn’t eat McDonald’s every day!

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  • A food expert warns about the negative effects of fast food.
  • Be careful with McDonald’s food.
  • Try not to eat hamburgers before bed, it can be catastrophic!

Reasons not to eat McDonald’s. You don’t have to be a food expert to realize that it’s not a good idea to eat delicious McDonald’s meals every day. The hamburger restaurant is listed as one of the most popular franchises worldwide.

A food expert said that, while most of us enjoy indulging in a McDonald’s meal from time to time, it can also be bad for you. The expert explained that the hamburger franchise has a bad reputation for several reasons….

Exercise caution when eating McDonald’s food

Reasons not to eat McDonald's
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Dietitian Helen Bond used the example of a Big Mac, medium fries, and a medium strawberry milkshake, which contains nearly 1,200 calories, when she explained what McDonald’s can do to your body to The Sun. The first few minutes after eating your food, you are likely to feel full. Here’s what happens in the next hour, and you might be surprised to learn that it’s not that bad.

After eating, your blood sugar level will rise in response. How dramatically it goes up and down will depend on the foods you eat. Carbohydrates alone are likely to cause a large and rapid blood sugar response. Filed Under: Reasons not to eat McDonald’s

Their food contains unimaginable amounts of sugar

Reasons not to eat McDonald's
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The expert told The Sun that “Blood sugar (glucose) levels will start to increase within around 15- 20 minutes of eating a carb rich meal.» It’s even faster for sugary carbs without fiber.

“Surprisingly there’s about 8g of fiber in this meal – mostly down to the potatoes to make the fries, the burger bun and the accompanying salad.” Though Bond said that just eating French fries would cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. Filed Under: Reasons not to eat McDonald’s

Try not to sleep after eating a huge Big Mac for dinner

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Helen tells The Sun that fatty foods like McDonald’s «can trigger heartburn in some sensitive people after eating.» Heartburn and acid reflux can start 20 minutes to an hour after eating. And it can last up to two hours.

If you think that having a hamburger for dinner and then going to bed may not be so bad, she explained that this is not the best option. In fact, eating a Big Mac too close to bedtime could spell sleep disaster. Filed Under: Reasons not to eat McDonald’s

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