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Why We Will Always Love Jenni Rivera

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Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra, also known as Jenni Rivera, was born on July 2, 1969 in Long Beach, California, into a family of Mexican immigrants. Her parents were Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra, who raised their five children surrounded by music. It was music that has made Jenni Rivera immortal, as almost a decade after her death the public continues to remember and honor her: Discover 10 Jenni River facts that explain why we will always love her!

Overcoming the odds

Jenni Rivera did not always enjoy the fame she has today. Her beginnings were far from show business and she stood out for her good school performance, which helped her get into California State University, Long Beach, where she obtained a degree in business management. However, her talent and desire to get ahead led her to seek an opportunity in music, working for her father’s record label. Over the years, Rivera won the public’s affection, managing to fill the most important venues and reach the top of the popularity charts.

The singer’s tenacity

Why We Will Always Love Jenni Rivera


Jenni Rivera’s career had ups and downs, and it was not until 1999 that the singer saw her efforts pay off with the release of “Que me entierren con la banda.” Before, she had to overcome various setbacks. For instance, she was rejected by radio stations because the musical genre she had chosen was dominated by men. Rivera did not give up, and her career was established in 2001 with her first Latin Grammy nomination for “Best Band Album”, thus becoming the first woman born on US soil to be nominated for this award.

Jenni Rivera: Television appearances

Jenni’s charisma transcended her radio and concert performances, as the public showed great interest in her personal life, especially in the story of her children. For this reason, she helped produce a television reality show in which her daughter “Chiquis” Rivera participated, which she called “Chiquis & Raq-C”. Another of her successes on television was the reality show “I Love Jenni”, which followed the singer’s life and the relationship she had with her family. In 2012, the year of her death, Rivera was participating as a judge on the reality show “La Voz… México”.

She won numerous awards

Why We Will Always Love Jenni Rivera
Jenni Rivera’s career is made up of resounding successes that were appreciated not only by the singer’s fans, but also by critics, who nominated her more than 100 times for the Latin Billboard and Grammy Awards. Of those nominations, four were in the category “Best Band Album” at the Grammy Awards. Rivera won 69 awards, including 22 Latin billboard music awards and 18 Lo Nuestro awards.

The search for justice

One of the biggest controversies faced by the “Diva de la banda” occurred in 1997, when her sister Rosie confessed to having suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Trino Marín, Jenni’s ex-husband. It took nine years for Trino Marín to be tried and, in 2006, he was finally sentenced to 31 years in prison without parole on charges of eight serious crimes, among them: lewd acts against a minor, continued sexual abuse and aggravated sexual assault against a minor.

Jenni Rivera’s family


Three married couples, five children and five siblings make up Jenni Rivera’s immediate family. Some of them had conflicts but they always put family unity first. This was seen in her television appearances and posts on social media, where she often shared the most important moments of her daily life in the warmth of the home that she shared with her children.

Packed concerts

Jenni Rivera enjoys many honors, and her musical legacy will remain intact for a long time to come, thanks to her musical contributions and the way in which she pursued her career. She regularly packed the most important stadiums. Her accomplishments include being the first Latina artist to fill the Nokia Theater in 2009 and the first Regional Mexican singer to fill the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Her honesty

Paloma as a concept of peace for Jenni Rivera

Honesty was always a defining characteristic of Jenni Rivera’s personal and professional life. Her integrity as a person was reflected in her many interviews, reality shows and books. A year after her death, the Rivera family published the posthumous book “Unbreakable: My Story, My Way,” which sold 9,000 copies in the first week of its release.

Her sense of style

Jenni Rivera was always a fashion maven, wearing striking outfits and creating her own style. She even created a clothing line that she sold in her own boutique where her sister Rosie is CEO. Jenni’s elegance never went unnoticed, and one of her dreams was to launch a line of jeans so that women with the same body type as her could feel free and confident.

The butterfly symbol


“The great lady” and “The band diva” was also known as “The neighborhood butterfly”, since it is the title of a song which relates the most important events of her life. Butterflies were always the singer’s favorite insect and that is why her children got butterfly tattoos to remember her as always free and to reaffirm the idea that one day they will meet her again.

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