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Sound Therapy: 10 Reasons Why You Should Experience a Sound Bath

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Although a sound bath does not require any water, it does require a want for the ultimate relaxation. This trendy therapeutic practice is a form of meditation, facilitated by an environment with chimes, gongs, chanting, and musical bowls. When it comes to sound therapy, all you have to do is show up in comfortable clothes and lie there on the floor.

But what’s sound bathing’s purpose you ask? “The goal is to get people to a subconscious state where they can really release stress,” said El Larson, a sound practitioner who has taught yoga and worked as a DJ, in an interview with The Los Angeles Times. In other words, the idea is to quiet your mind by observing and focusing on the sounds around you. This way you can become more present with the moment and rid yourself of the constant noise in your head. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider sound therapy and try a sound bath today.

1. It Will Relieve Your Tension

Man receiving sound bath

If you are someone who finds it hard to relax, sound bathing helps recalibrate one’s energy systems. Bye bye, tense-self and hello mellow-me.

2. Have an Out of Body Experience

Seeking a way to blow your mind that doesn’t involve hallucinogenic drugs? Those who have tried sound bathing say it can be like leaving your body. Cool, dude.

3. Like a Spa Treatment, but with Your Clothes On

Objects for a sound bath

What some people like about sound bathing is that feeling of ultimate relaxation you get from a massage, but without having to get naked and have some stranger’s hands on you. It’s a sonic massage.

4. Promotes Great Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping because you can’t shut off your mind, sound bathers claim that the experience will make you sleep like a baby afterwards.

5. It’s So Good, You Might Cry


Feel like you have a bunch of pent up emotions inside you don’t know what to do with? This writer says the whole experience was so moving she cried and felt a whole lot better afterwards.

6. Remember Childhood Memories

Sound bathers like the fact that each session can help you tap into a wealth of old memories that can span as far as your childhood. Great for creative types looking for inspiration.

7. Dream While You’re Awake

A woman in the middle of a type of therapy

Some sound bathers enter symbolic dream state like a woman who had a dream-like sequence of walking through the hills holding the hand of her son as they followed a wolf toward an unknown destination. “Something in the pulsing drone promised that everything would be OK,” she told ABC News.

8. Meditation for Beginners

If you are new to mediation, yoga and alternative relaxation practices, Vice says sound bathing is an easy way to get your feet wet into ways of releasing stress and centering yourself.

9. Helps Pregnant Mothers Connect with Their Babies


Looking to connect with that beautiful baby growing inside of you? It’s been well-researched how babies respond to sounds in the womb, so why not give baby its first relaxing sound bath before its first sponge bath?

10. Reach a New Consciousness

For those seeking answers or a different way of seeing the world, a sound bath is sensory experience for the mind and body that will bring you to a new level of consciousness and that will be really hard to describe to others afterwards.

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