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The mystery of the 49 teenage girls that Pablo Escobar had murdered

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  • Pablo Escobar had the girls tortured.
  • They were «his girls».
  • They were victims of violence.

The leader of Medellin Cartel was known for terrifying acts of violence against his enemies during his reign as the world’s top drug kingpin. However, he also enjoyed making innocent people suffer. We will tell you about the mystery of the 49 teenage girls that Pablo Escobar had murdered.

A little-known facet of Pablo Escobar was his taste for young women who attracted the most infamous drug trafficker in history. During the height of drug trafficking in Colombia, there were three days in which the lifeless bodies of beautiful teenagers began to appear on the country’s highways. In the end, 49 girls were found brutally murdered.

The mystery of the 49 teenage girls that Pablo Escobar had murdered

The mystery of the 49 adolescents that Pablo Escobar had assassinated
PHOTO: Infobae website capture

According to Prensa Libre the Colombian police reported that all these bodies belonged to women who had been intimate with Pablo Escobar and who were later murdered by the Medellin Cartel’s own assassins.

In 1991, a young woman who spent several nights with the Colombian drug trafficker confessed to the newspaper El Tiempo what Escobar was like in private. To protect her privacy and safety, her name was kept anonymous.

One of the survivors spoke

One of the survivors spoke
PHOTO: Infobae website capture

“He was kind, serene, of few words and carried himself like a gentleman. He gave advice almost like a father and never talked about his problems, ”she revealed to  El Tiempo. The teenager was one of two survivors of the 49 girls who were killed by the Medellín Cartel during the most violent years in Colombian history.

“A friend of mine was shot in the body with a crossbow. They found her on the road. They had tortured her; what a sin! They accused that girl of knowing about Pablo’s enemies. And there are only two of us left: La Llorona and I,” she told El Tiempo.

They were recruited for Pablo Escobar by handsome young men

They were recruited by handsome young men for Pablo Escobar
PHOTO: Infobae website capture

When questioned about the reason for these horrifying events, the young survivor explained to El Tiempo that most women were killed for not keeping their mouths shut. “If you spoke or said something, you were dead. There are girls who have killed themselves by listening to conversations they shouldn’t have and telling everything they heard. To stay alive you had to keep your mouth shut and they didn’t know how to do it,” she said.

Pablo Escobar had a soft spot for young women, who were recruited by a group of handsome young men, called “the decoys”, to participate in orgies organized by the capo of the Medellín Cartel.

The girls had similar characteristics

They had similar characteristics
PHOTO: Infobae website capture

According to Prensa Libre, these young men were ordered to seduce virgins and take them to Pablo Escobar to have their first sexual experience with the drug trafficker. Before taking them to the leader of the Medellin Cartel, «the decoys» would put a wad of bills in front of the young women to lure them and convince them to be intimate with Escobar.

For three nights, 49 bodies of beautiful young women were found in different locations in Medellín. Each of these bodies had similar signs and characteristics of rape, torture and extreme violence on their bodies.

Getting involved with Pablo Escobar ended in tragedy

Getting involved with Pablo Escobar ended in tragedy
PHOTO: Capture website El País

The Colombian police became obsessed with this case and after several days of investigations they concluded that this series of murders by Pablo Escobar’s henchmen could have occurred for two reasons.

According to Infobae not having time or patience to investigate which of the young women betrayed him, he decided to kill all of his recent lovers. «She is better a dead girlfriend than a resentful witness who, in exchange for a few million, can turn in us to the police,» said Pablo Escobar’s henchmen.

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