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Who was Sammie Barbosa?

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Who was Sammie Barbossa?(PHOTO: Instagram Sammie Barbosa)
  • Who Was Sammie Barbosa?
  • A routine traffic stop ended in a fatal shooting.
  • He was killed in the crossfire.

On Sunday, April 16, 2021, Sammie Barbosa and Alex García were killed after exchanging gunfire with Texas police.

What started as a routine traffic stop ended in a tragedy that is still remembered today.

Many people are still curious about who Sammie Barbosa was. Pay close attention.

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Before going into detail about who Sammie Barbosa was, it’s worth recalling how he died.

Firstly, both he and Alex García, 25, admitted to the police officer who stopped them that they had smoked marijuana that day.

Barbosa was driving the car, when police pulled him over.

Barbosa, 33, was asked to hand over his license and insurance card, turn off the car and place the keys in a visible spot.

Alex shot at the police first

shots, bullets, agents, car, MundoNOW, Who was Sammie Barbossa?
Who was Sammie Barbosa? / PHOTO: Instagram Sammie Barbosa

Sammie Barbosa couldn’t hide his annoyance when the officer asked him to place the keys in a visible spot but it was for everyone’s safety.

At that point the police officer asked the two passengers to get out of the vehicle, as he smelled marijuana.

Barbosa revealed that they had indeed smoked earlier but that the smell was residual, and they had not been smoking in the car.

Suddenly, Alex García pulled out a gun and began shooting at the officer, hitting him in the hand.

Sammie Barbosa was caught in the crossfire

who was Sammie Barbosa, patrol, expertise, crossfire, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram Sammie Barbosa

The officer fired back, then took cover behind the patrol car and radioed for backup.

According to initial forensic reports, Barbosa was unarmed and was caught in the crossfire.

Furthermore, there was a woman inside the truck who was not injured.

Both Alex and Sammie died at the scene.

Both men had criminal records

background, crime, crimes, investigation, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram Sammie Barbosa

Finally, it’s worth noting that both men had criminal records for various offenses.

However, Bexar County police did not reveal what they were.

In the end, it was reported that the woman in the vehicle with them was injured but did not face any charges.

The impact of this event was such that even the Mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg, issued a statement. To view police video of the incident click HERE.

What you didn’t know about Sammie Barbosa

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PHOTO: Instagram Sammie Barbosa

«I am from San Antonio,» Barbosa wrote on his Instagram account, where he had only 89 followers and just 16 posts.

In his last post, dated February 28, 2021, someone commented that he «seemed like a good father

«So sad his passenger got him killed… [It’s] good to choose your friends wisely. Rest in peace.»

Finally, another person claimed that Sammie was innocent and that he left behind four children, one of them named Ángel René.

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