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What happened Marilyn Martínez, the Peruvian TikToker who was murdered by her husband?

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Marilyn Martínez body, tiktoker, Peru, murder, MundoNOW / Marilyn Martínez cuerpo, tiktoker, Perú, asesinato, MundoNOW
Who was Marilyn Martínez (PHOTO: Instagram)
  • Who was Marilyn Martínez?
  • She was killed by her jealous husband.
  • Her son witnessed the terrible crime.

In January of last year, a terrible event shook the residents of San Borja in Lima, Peru.

At just 29 years old, Peruvian TikToker Marilyn Martínez was murdered at the hands of her own husband.

The most tragic part of all this was that her eight-year-old son was present when the crime occurred.

To this day, social media users wonder what happened to the young mother.

Who was Marilyn Martínez?

Marilyn Martínez body, social networks, Instagram, TikTok, MundoNOW
Photo: Instagram

Marilyn Martínez rose to fame on social media by sharing videos showcasing her fitness journey.

In these posts, she also gave advice to her fans about health and self-care. Sometimes, her husband appeared alongside her.

On TikTok alone, she currently has over 700,000 followers and more than 6 million likes. Her user name was @marilyn.fitmommy.

On her official Instagram account, she is followed by nearly 30,000 people: «Get fit with me. Let’s start,» she wrote.

She was in an abusive marriage

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Photo: Instagram

It’s said that the relationship between Marilyn Martínez and her husband was fraught with jealousy, and both physical and psychological abuse.

One person even wondered how someone as beautiful as her could be with a guy like her husband.

In what would be her last post, shared on January 15, 2023, the Peruvian TikToker used ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus as background music.

«Message to start the week: I can buy myself flowers. Write my name in the sand. Talk to myself for hours…»

Marilyn Martínez’s husband stabbed her over 30 times

Marilyn Martínez body, husband, murderer, son, MundoNOW
Photo: Instagram

According to Univisión, the husband of the Peruvian TikToker stabbed her over 30 times.

It was the couple’s neighbors who called the police after hearing screams and cries for help from the young woman.

Upon arrival, police found Marilyn Martínez’s lifeless body. Her husband, Alexander Israel Pinedo, confessed to killing her.

The police also found their son in the house. He was in a state of shock. It was said that he is now being cared for by his maternal grandmother.

She had reported him for assault

complaint, attacks, police, confession, MundoNOW
Photo: Instagram

Furthermore, as is often the case in situations like this, Marilyn Martínez had previously reported her husband for physical assault.

Apparently, Alexander Israel Pinedo became angry as his wife gained more followers and received many messages on social media.

«When I killed her, I saw her bone, I saw her bone, I saw all the blood that came out,» confessed Pinedo.

To make matters worse, he admitted to being too cowardly to kill himself as well: «Now I know what awaits me.»

Their 8-year-old son saw the whole thing

Influencer, personal trainer, police, family, MundoNOW
Photo: Instagram

According to Proceso, Marilyn Martínez’s son saw his mother’s body lying on the floor after her murder.

Alexander Israel Pinedo used a kitchen knife to carry out his crime.

When they met, the Peruvian TikToker was 17 and he was 30. In total, it was a tumultuous 12-year relationship that ended in tragedy.

Pinedo was charged with killing his wife. A lengthy sentence surely awaits him.

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