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Who murdered Fernando Ruesga? The crime is a mystery (PHOTOS)

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  • Fernando Ruesga, 20, was shot to death in Magna, Utah.
  • He was the father of three children and his widow is pregnant.
  • Authorities are looking for the killer who fled in a Maserati.

Fernando Ruesga was shot to death in Utah. A week after the brutal crime authorities still have not arrested anyone related to the young man’s killing. The Great Salt Lake City Unified Police Department (UPDSL) is investigating the murder.

In spite of his young age, 20-year-old Fernando Ruesga was already the head of a family. He was married with three children and one more on the way. Fernando Ruesga’s death has caused deep pain among the community of Magna, Utah.

Who shot him dead?

Who shot him dead?
Fernando Ruesga, 20, was the father of three young children and one on the way. He was killed when he allegedly tried to sell the car in which he was found shot to death. (PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico)

According to the information on the case gathered by the UPDSL detectives, on Friday, April 8, 2022, at 4:30 in the afternoon, several residents of an apartment complex in Magna, a city west of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, called to report a shooting.

Several UPDSL patrolmen were dispatched to the Colony Farms housing complex, 7520 West 2600 South in Magna, to investigate the report from concerned neighbors. When the officers arrived at the complex parking lot, they found Ruesga in a car. He’d been shot several times.

The argument that ended in gunfire

Assassination of Fernando Ruesga: The discussion that ended with gunshots
The murder of Fernando Ruesga occurred outside an apartment complex in Magna, Utah, in broad daylight and in front of several neighbors who saw the alleged murderer escape. (PHOTO: Great Salt Lake City Unified Police Department)

There was nothing UPDSL officers could do for the young man and he was pronounced dead inside the car. The officers were able to identify him as Fernando Ruesga thanks to the ID he had on him. The type of car in which Ruesga died is not recorded in the report.

Some neighbors who spoke with the UPDSL detectives told them that moments before the shooting, Fernando Ruesga was arguing with another man. In the middle of the argument Ruesga and killer started a fight for some reason that is not yet known. Filed Under: Assassination of Fernando Ruesga

Who is the man in the Maserati?

Murder Fernando Ruesga: Who is the man in the Maserati?
According to some witnesses, the murderer of Fernando Ruesga escaped from the crime scene in a unique Maserati sports car, which is a vehicle that very few people can afford. ((PHOTO: Great Salt Lake City Unified Police Department)

Fernando Ruesga’s killer pulled out a gun that he presumably carried in his vehicle and fired several shots at the young man, presumably at close range. The suspect escaped from the Colony Farms parking lot in a silver Maserati. It’s an expensive and rare car.

The first clue in Fernando Ruesga’s murder is the silver Maserati sports car, since they are expensive cars that, even used, are worth more than $50,000. Detectives are recovering security camera footage from various businesses and homes around the crime scene looking for the Maserati. Filed Under: Assassination of Fernando Ruesga

The father of the young man had a bad feeling

Murder Fernando Ruesga: The father of the dead young man had a bad feeling
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter.

Moments before he was killed, Fernando Ruesga left his young children at his apartment, according to his relatives, who spoke with the UPDSL detectives. The boy’s father said that Ruesga planned to sell the car where he was found murdered that afternoon.

Fernando Ruesga Sr., father of the murdered man said, in an interview with the television channel ABC-4 in Utah, that he saw the news of the shooting at an apartment complex in Magna on social media and had a bad feeling about it. The man went to his son’s house and when he arrived he found the area full of patrol cars. Filed Under: Assassination of Fernando Ruesga

“A loving, kind, smiling boy”

"A loving, kind, smiling boy"
Fernando Ruesga’s family, despite the pain, spoke to the media to ask for justice to be done in the boy’s brutal murder. (PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico)

Melanie Galindo, mother of Fernando Ruesga, also spoke with ABC-4 and described her son as «a loving, kind, smiling boy, he loved his children very much,» the woman told television reporters. The woman now prays to God for justice in the boy’s murder.

UPDSL detective Kevin Mallory spoke to the media at the scene of the crime. The officer said that thanks to the fact that the attack was committed in broad daylight, in front of the housing complex, they have several solid leads about the alleged killer. So far no one has been arrested.

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