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Who is Juan Óscar Pérez?

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Juan Óscar Pérez, UFO, Argentina, abduction, MundoNOW/Juan Óscar Pérez, OVNI, Argentina, abducción, MundoNOW
Who is Juan Óscar Pérez? (PHOTO: Twitter / Shutterstock)
  • Who is Juan Óscar Pérez?
  • He had a UFO sighting in Argentina.
  • What are his predictions?

Perhaps for many people, the name Juan Óscar Pérez doesn’t ring a bell, but the opposite is true for paranormal enthusiasts.

On September 6, 1978, When he was just 12 years old, on, he had an experience that changed his life forever.

It was a normal working day for him, herding horses, when suddenly he saw a strange object in the fog.

At that moment, a door opened, someone invited him to board and he had contact with beings he had never seen before.

Who is Juan Óscar Pérez?

Juan Óscar Pérez, story, experience, Unidentified Flying Object, MundoNOW
Photo: YouTube Crónica TV

In 2024, Juan Óscar Pérez will turn 58.

Described as a simple and serene person, he was born in the city of Venado Tuerto, located in the General López department, southwest of Santa Fe, Argentina.

Today, he still lives in this community, dedicating his entire life to fieldwork.

After his UFO experience he has given many interviews and a documentary titled Witness of Another World was made about him.

Juan Óscar Pérez’s mom has premonitions

mom, dog, aliens, premonitions, MundoNOW
Juan Óscar Pérez / Photo: Twitter

Juan Óscar Pérez is not the only member of his family who has had contact with UFOs or other paranormal experiences.

According to El Litoral, his mom had an unforgettable incident when she was 12.

While walking in the field with her sheepdog, a mysterious light from a ship appeared.

Later, someone or something took away her dog and she never saw him again. To this day, Juan’s mom has premonitions.

The Child of the Sacred Lineage

Juan Óscar Pérez, The child of the sacred lineage, History, sighting, MundoNOW, UFO
Photo: Shutterstock

Among the documentaries and special programs dedicated to Juan Óscar Pérez there is one by the History Channel.

It’s titled The Child of the Sacred Lineage, where he reveals that, besides his famous UFO encounter, he has had other paranormal experiences.

He claims to have seen beings from other planets and he even boarded a ship and traveled in it.

To dispel any doubts, he shows a scar on one of his shoulders, which he claims was made by one of these beings.

Juan Óscar Pérez has a prediction

asteroid, South America, premonition, apocalypse, MundoNOW,
Photo: Twitter

In June 2022, Juan Óscar Pérez gave a revealing interview to Yohanan Díaz Vargas for his YouTube channel.

In this conversation, he asserted that in one of his dreams, he clearly saw that an asteroid would pass very close to the Earth over South America.

He said, «It’s going to move our earth,» adding that there will be a lot of water, which could be interpreted as a massive flood.

Although he didn’t provide an exact date, both he and Díaz Vargas concluded that it would take more than ten years for this to happen.

‘Even today, I can’t understand’

interview, life, childhood, experience, MundoNOW
Photo: Twitter

According to La Nación, in the interview he gave to the History Channel for the documentary The Child of the Sacred Lineage, Juan Óscar Pérez talked about his experience.

«I wanted to do something else. I love to paint and draw, but after the age of 12, my life changed,» he said.

Although many would think that having contact with a UFO would be fascinating, for him, it was a traumatic experience.

«What happened to me is something that even today I can’t understand,» he concluded.

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