Where can I watch the Naudet brothers’ 9/11 documentary?

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9/11 Naudet brothers documentary, film, history, award, MundoNOW / 9/11 documental hermanos Naudet, película, historia, premio, MundoNOW
Naudet brothers 9/11 documentary / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • Where to watch the Naudet brothers’ 9/11 documentary.
  • Firefighters tell their stories.
  • It was broadcast in 103 countries.

After the September 11, 2001 attack on the Twin Towers in New York, a multitude of films and documentaries were released.

One of the most intriguing was created by French duo Jules and Gédéon Naudet, which premiered six months after the attacks.

As we approach the 22nd anniversary of this tragedy, there is a lingering concern about whether an event of such magnitude could happen again in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

Undoubtedly, 9/11, which is also the name of the film, will never be forgotten.

The Naudet Brothers’ unique perspective on 9/11

terrorist attack, World Trade Center, USA, plane, MundoNOW
Naudet brothers’ 9/11 documentary / PHOTO: Getty Images

According to RTVE, the Naudet brothers were filming a documentary about a rookie firefighter in New York.

Suddenly a strange noise caught their attention. They never imagined that an airplane was about to hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

They were the first to capture the first plane hitting the North Tower. They didn’t think twice about accompanying the firefighters in their rescue efforts.

Minutes later, they heard the impact on the South Tower. It may be one of the most recognized images in the world.

The Naudet brothers’ 9/11 documentary and its impact

firefighters, terrorists, rescuers, disaster, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images

What sets the Naudet brothers’ 9/11 documentary apart are the impactful images taken a few yards from all the action.

It also features the stories of the firefighters who lost several of their comrades on that fateful day in their rescue effort.

The documentary premiered on March 10, 2002, and was viewed by 40 million people. Robert De Niro narrates the film.

It won an Emmy Award for Best Non-Fiction Special. Today, it can be viewed on YouTube.

The international reach of 9/11

Robert de Niro, actor, narrator, film, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

On the first anniversary of the World Trade Center attack, CBS broadcast this documentary once again.

It is worth noting that 9/11 by the Naudet brothers was broadcast in 103 countries worldwide in 2002.

It wasn’t censored by the networks when it first aired.

They wanted to show the events exactly as they happened.

A documentary that transcends time

Naudet brothers 9/11 documentary, world trade center, terrorist attack, twin towers, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

On the tenth anniversary of September 11, in 2011, this documentary was broadcast again by CBS.

They aired a special that included an interview with the Naudet brothers about 9/11.

It also focused on the construction of One World Trade Center and the health problems faced by many firefighters years later.

Five years later, in 2016, CNN secured the rights to this documentary for the 15th anniversary. Denis Leary was a producer.

Movies about the World Trade Center attacks

Ground Zero, movies, terrorists, al qaeda, new york MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to RTVE, there are other films that document the World Trade Center attacks.

One of them is United 93, directed by Paul Greengrass. It is considered by many to be the best film about the tragedy.

There is also World Trade Center by Oliver Stone, featuring Nicolas Cage and Michael Peña, among others.

11’09″01 brings together 11 directors from around the world to tell their stories in 11 minutes. To watch the Naudet brothers’ 9/11 documentary click HERE.

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