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Psychic shares the vision she had about María Gómez Pérez, the missing hispanic girl (VIDEO)

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María Gómez Pérez still missing (Photo: Hall County Sheriff's Office)
  • María Gómez Pérez 12-Year-Old Still Missing
  • Psychic Shares Vision About Missing Hispanic Girl
  • Does the Psychic Know Who Is Responsible for her Disappearance?

The case of the missing Hispanic girl María Gómez Pérez, who has been untraceable since May 29, continues to stir public concern.

As the search for the young girl intensifies and her father pleads for her return, a psychic has now posted a video sharing a vision she experienced.

Three weeks after her disappearance, there are no concrete clues about what happened to María Gómez Pérez, but a psychic claims to know.

On her YouTube channel ‘KrissyTheMedium’, the psychic stated that a man aged between 19 and 22 had been ‘circling’ young María Gómez Pérez.

Psychic Knows What Happened to María Gómez Pérez?

María Gómez Pérez, disappearance, Hispanic, Georgia, search, Krissy The Medium
María Gómez Pérez – YouTube ‘Krissy The Medium’

The young girl was last seen on May 29 at her home… does the psychic know what happened?

«When I sense the energy of this man, I can tell they had history together but he had been arrested two or three years ago and possibly was recently released,» she said.

According to ‘Krissy The Medium’, María Gómez Pérez and this man aged between 19 and 22 were allegedly ‘dealing’, that is, selling drugs.

«It feels like this person is from Georgia, and I would look for men who were released 2 to 3 years ago, for drug trafficking or child kidnapping,» she explained.

But the psychic also shared the supposed vision she had with María: «I see her sitting on the floor with her knees up, arms over them, and her head down.»

«Maybe it’s her spirit telling me she was sad or upset about something, and I feel that she was not very happy with the situation in her family,» she added.

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«This male energy I’m talking about was taking advantage of her emotionally… to me, it seems like she was being convinced to leave her home,» she explained.

«I feel that she was full of illusions, felt alone, and couldn’t rely on her family, and was looking for someone who understood her, which is why she felt that way with that person,» she claims.

Is She Dead?

María Gómez Pérez disappeared, missing, search, Hispanic, girl
Photo: Hall County Sheriff’s Office

Significantly, the psychic asserts that the family might know the individual who ‘entangled’ María Gómez Pérez, and they would have an idea of what was happening.

The medium explains that she hears the phrase ‘I can’t do it’ and refers to something being asked of the Hispanic girl which she refused to do.

She not only senses a male presence near the girl but also that of an older woman, and that her family knows more than they are telling the police.

«I feel that they do have a suspect identified, and it gives me hope to know that she is still here with us and not ‘on the other side’,» said Krissy.

In the vision of the psychic, certain places like a cemetery, where she could have met someone, and a park appear.

Krissy the Medium did not stop saying that someone betrayed María Gómez Pérez’s trust and that she is currently in a house with bricks and fences.

Another significant piece of information she had in her vision was seeing María Gómez trying to escape from a car, as well as a problem in her chest and throat.

To date, nothing concrete is known about the 12-year-old Hispanic girl, and the search continues. Watch the video here.

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