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When is the solar eclipse in Mexico in 2024?

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When is the solar eclipse in Mexico? (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Countdown to the solar eclipse in Mexico!
  • It’s a rare event.
  • Find out the cities for viewing the eclipse.

We are on the brink of witnessing a rare natural spectacle: a solar eclipse in Mexico.

For several months now it has been confirmed that certain cities in Mexico will be ideal for observing this astronomical phenomenon.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon obscures the sun from Earth, meaning all three are aligned.

Interested in knowing when the solar eclipse will occur in Mexico in 2024? Keep reading to find out and, most importantly, prepare for this significant day.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity

solar eclipse in mexico, NASA, SICT, Mexican Space Agency, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

This solar eclipse is especially significant for Mexico, as it will be one of the best places for viewing.

NASA is collaborating with the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) through the Mexican Space Agency (AEM).

The Mazatlan Astronomical Society will also play a crucial role in their «Total Eclipse of Sun – April 2024» educational project.

For a few minutes, the moon will completely obscure the sun, causing a brief period of total darkness.

Where is the best place to see the solar eclipse in Mexico?

Mazatlán, Durango, Torreón, Monclova, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to Expansión, the best city in Mexico to observe the solar eclipse will be Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

There will also be good viewing in Durango, Durango, Torreon and Monclova, Coahuila. The complete darkness will last from two to four minutes.

However, the eclipse will last longer in Nazas, Durango at 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

After passing over Mexico, it will move on to the eastern United States and Canada before ending in the Atlantic Ocean.

The sun’s corona will be visible

sun, child, glasses, news MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to USA Today, during the eclipse, the sky will darken, but that’s not all that will happen.

Weather permitting, observers will be able to see the sun’s corona, or it’s outer atmosphere.

Additionally, there will be a drop in air temperature, leading to an eerie silence, according to NASA.

This is because animals, sensing the unexpected change, will behave as though it is nighttime.

Some important recommendations for viewing the eclipse

partial stage, special lenses, eclipse, total stage, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Let’s be clear: a solar eclipse, like the one expected in 2024, is not to be taken lightly.

During the partial phase, it’s crucial not to look directly at the sun, but rather to use special glasses or other viewing equipment.

During the total phase, you can look safely without protection.

Failure to follow these precautions risks eclipse blindness, which is the result of retinal damage.

The solar eclipse is almost here…

hollywood, california, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Mark your calendars: the solar eclipse in Mexico in 2024 will occur on Monday, April 8.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) confirmed this eagerly awaited date.

According to Ámbito, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, will have the clearest view of this incredible event.

The start time is approximately 11 a.m., though it’s recommended to be ready a few minutes earlier.

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