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When are the midterm elections in the US?

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  • When are the midterm elections in the US?
  • Find out when voting begins.
  • How can you cast your ballot?

IT’S ELECTION TIME! Three weeks before the midterm elections, doubts and uncertainty about the candidates fighting for the seats in the Senate and House of Representatives continue to be a topic of debate. Democrats and Republicans are each hoping to win control of Congress.

Information about the candidates, their platforms and the president’s positions, are all hot topics of conversation. These elections will decide whether Republicans or Democrats control Congress for the next two years.


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The next midterm elections are drawing near and it is time for voters to head to the polls. The midterms take place every four years and occur halfway through the sitting president’s term.

On November 8, the 2022 midterms will be held and many Senate seats, the entire House of Representatives and several governors will be elected, according to Celag. It’s important for all eligible voters to get out, participate in the democratic process and make their voices heard. Many states offer early voting and absentee ballots so check with your state’s website to find out when voting starts for you.

What is on the line?

What will they be arguing about?
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Currently, seats in the Senate and House of Representatives are being contested. Each state elects two senators. Right now, the Senate has 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, making Vice President Kamala Harris the tie-breaking vote. The number of Representatives each state has is based on the population.

The US is incredibly polarized politically and the party who wins control of each chamber of Congress could determine the future of a number of important social and economic policies.

A fight between Trump and Biden?

When is the midterm elections: A fight between Trump and Biden?
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So far, Biden has stayed out of some of the closest midterm races, focusing instead on fundraisers and official events where he contrasts Democratic and Republican political agendas. He often avoids direct references to «the last guy,» but on Saturday in Oregon, Biden warned that «Trump controls the Republican Party,» the AP reported.

Sometimes the two men travel to the same places, such as when they visited Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, days apart, a reflection of the narrow political map that will determine which party controls the US Senate, The Associated Press reported. For that reason, voters are keeping an eye on the situation that will develop at the polls. Filed Under: When Are Midterm Elections

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