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What is vaginismus? Meghan Trainor has raised awareness about this condition

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What is vaginismus? (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • What is vaginismus?
  • How to treat this painful condition.
  • Meghan Trainor opened up about her diagnosis.

Meghan Trainor is a singer, songwriter, actress and music producer from Nantucket, Massachusetts.

From a young age, she showed a talent for singing and, at 11, she began writing songs.

Just last year, on her podcast Workin’ On It, she opened up about having vaginismus. But what is this condition?

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Meghan Trainor’s personal life

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What is vaginismus? / PHOTO: Shutterstock

Last December, singer Meghan Trainor turned 30.

On her 25th birthday she married actor Daryl Sabara and in February 2021, she became a mother for the first time.

In 2023 she had her second child.

Meghan is known for hits like ‘All About That Bass,’ ‘Lips Are Movin,’ ‘Dear Future Husband,’ and ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You.’

Meghan Trainor opens up about vaginismus

what is vaginismus, podcast, Workin on it, brother, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram Capture

As previously mentioned, on her podcast Workin’ On It, which she co-hosts with her brother, Meghan opened up about her struggle with vaginismus.

The singer shared details of her sex life.

She also said that having intercourse with her husband can be very painful.

A specialist diagnosed her with this condition. Somehow, she had normalized the situation, thinking it was due to her husband’s penis size.

What is vaginismus?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Vaginismus is an involuntary contraction of the muscles around the vagina.

According to Medline Plus, these spasms make the vagina very narrow and can prevent sexual activity and medical examinations.

It can be caused by past sexual trauma or abuse and mental health factors.

It is also a response that develops to physical pain during sex, which is the case for Meghan Trainor.

What are the symptoms?

symptoms, difficult penetration, pain, pelvic exam, MundoNOW
What is vaginismus? / PHOTO: Shutterstock

Women with vaginismus may experience a variety of symptoms.

One is that vaginal penetration is difficult or very painful.

Additionally, there is pain in the vagina during sex or when undergoing a pelvic exam.

It is still possible for a woman with this condition to reach orgasm, as long as the clitoris is stimulated.

Can vaginismus be treated?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to Medline Plus, treating vaginismus requires a healthcare team, including a gynecologist, physical therapist and sex counselor.

Combining physical therapy and education with counseling and exercises for contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles is necessary.

Additionally, injections to relax the vaginal muscles are recommended.

Your partner can get involved in the therapy, and gradually women can start having sex without pain.

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