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How often do people have sex on average?

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What is a normal amount of sex? / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • What is a normal amount of sex?
  • Many people feel pressure about this.
  • Personal satisfaction in sexual relationships.

What is a normal amount of sex? The answer to this question requires real honesty, which can be challenging.

Even today, many people find it uncomfortable or embarrassing to discuss their sex lies.

There is a belief that more is better but it’s important to consider quality over quantity.

How often we have sex can depend on many factors. It’s not just about ‘doing it’ and that’s all. There’s more involved, so pay attention.

What is a normal amount of sex?

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According to the BBC, several years ago, a global survey on sex was conducted in the United States.

More than 50,000 participants, over 18 years old, were asked how often they had sexual relations.

Eighteen percent responded ‘never in the last year’; 8 percent said ‘once a year’ and 28 percent said ‘once or twice a month.’

Additionally, 40 percent responded ‘one to three times a week’ and 6.5 percent said ‘four or more times a week.’

How often do most people have sex?

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On the other hand, you may be surprised to learn what most people say about how often they have sex.

According to Planned Parenthood, there is no amount of sex that can be considered normal.

This is based on the understanding that all people are different, and, obviously, we have different sexual desires.

While some want to have sex every day all day, there are people who don’t feel that way… and that’s okay.

How to have a healthy and responsible sex life

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Planned Parenthood also offers some recommendations for maintaining a healthy and responsible sexual life.

One of these emphasizes the importance of regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Additionally, preventing unplanned pregnancies and consulting a doctor if you have any disorders or other health problems are crucial.

Finally, it is suggested that you feel good about your own body, enjoy sex and feel comfortable with your sexual orientation and identity.

So what is a normal amount of sex?

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According to El Confidencial, first, we need to discard the idea of «normal.»

Being a relative concept, sexual frequency is not the same for everyone. How often do people have sex? Whenever they want and can.

Sexologist Kristen Mark said in Psychology Today that you should ask yourself three questions if you’re concerned.

What is normal for you? Why is this happening? Are you satisfied? Answer honestly because no one is judging you.

Open communication is essential

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To dispel doubts about how often people have sex, let’s focus on the last question: Are you satisfied?

According to El Confidencial, this is the most important, and even if you don’t have frequent sex, if you are completely satisfied when you do, that’s all that matters.

The key is to be happy with your sexual life. However, if you’re not, it’s important to talk with your partner.

In conclusion, there is no normal amount of sex. If you are satisfied that’s all that matters.

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