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What did Casemiro put in Neymar’s nose during match with South Korea?

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Neymar Casemiro sustancia nariz
  • Casemiro puts a mysterious substance in Neymar’s nose.
  • This happened during the match with South Korea in Qatar 2022.
  • Is their explanation true?

Neymar is in the eye of the hurricane after a video appeared showing his teammate, Casemiro, putting a substance in his nose. The Paris Saint Germain striker appeared to inhale it during round of 16 of the World Cup when they were playing South Korea.

The substance has sparked speculation about what it was and if it was legal. So far there are many questions and rumors circulating among fans — a true mystery.


Neymar Casemiro substance nose
AP Photo

It turns out that, at one point in the match, which the Brazilian squad won by a landslide, you can see how both come together and the Manchester United player has something between his fingers which he puts in Neymar’s nose.

In the end they hug each other while Casemiro says a few words to Neymar. So far there is only one explanation that makes sense, but is it true? Many internet users who saw the scene believe that it may be a prohibited substance, but others believe that it isn’t. What do you think?


Brazil vs South Korea

Photo Twitter

In the video, both players come together and immediately the player from Manchester United takes something between his fingers and gives it to the PSG player. It only took two seconds for him to inhale  it and then they hugged.

However, it raised suspicions because, as a Mexican saying goes, «Don’t do good things that look bad.» That was precisely what they did because, while Neymar inhaled, Casemiro turned to look around, a move that caused many questions about what they were doing. Filed Under: Neymar Casemiro substance nose


Neymar Casemiro substance nose
Photo Twitter

This controversy had to be squelched and it was a Brazilian outlet, UOL, which explained the use of this substance. According to Radio Formula, it is an ointment used by some players to clear the chest and nostrils so they can breathe better.

Apparently, this was also used by the FC Barcelona striker, Raphinha during the same match, since it is difficult for him to breathe due to the weather conditions on the pitch. However, people were not very convinced and immediately the video went viral. Filed Under: Neymar Casemiro substance nose. To see the video click here.


Brazil vs South Korea

AP Photo

With a majority of Europeans in the draw, South America crosses its fingers for a victory for Argentines and Brazilians that will repeat the 2021 Copa América final on the big stage and secure their place on December 18 at the Lusail stadium. England and France, the two greatest offensive powers of the tournament, will seek to continue the dominance that Europe has exercised for 20 years.

But watch out for Morocco, the only non-European or South American team among the eight best in Qatar and the first from Africa to make the quarterfinals since Ghana in 2010. With information from El Imparcial and  Diario Presente. Filed Under: Neymar Casemiro substance nose

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