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What are Baroque nails?

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  • What are Baroque nails?
  • It’s the newest TikTok nail trend.
  • The lavish mani is inspired by Baroque art.

A trend has been making waves on TikTok lately… Baroque nails.

This showy manicure consists of crosses and lacy patterns, as well as pearls and gemstones.

Additionally, metallic details adorn long nails, and they can be customized in shades of blue, brown, red and even gold.

This look is perfect for women who enjoy attracting attention and like glitz and glamor.

Baroque nails don’t have any rules

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With this manicure trend, you can do all your nails the same, or make each one unique.

Combining different patterns and colors can elevate the look.

Another option is to use a black or white base on a stiletto shape.

Three-dimensional elements, such as different-sized gemstones, are a crucial element.

What is Baroque?

baroque nails, baroque, artistic movement, Europe, MundoNOW
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According to Nosotras, Baroque is an artistic, cultural, architectural and literary movement that originated in Europe.

This historical period was instrumental in viewing art as an expression of romance and extravagance.

While many think of Baroque style as ornate, flashy, and ostentatious, it encompasses more than that.

Baroque nails are perfect for anyone who loves luxury and likes to draw attention to themselves.

The latest TikTok trend

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to Vanitatis, Baroque nails trend started just a few years ago, and was initially got a lukewarm reception.

It wasn’t until TikTok embraced the trend with a hashtag, then singer and rapper Lizzo followed suit, that it began gaining popularity.

The Grammy-winning artist asked her favorite manicurist to give her a look inspired by this historic period.

These nails are also known as Catholic, Sacred Heart, Versailles, and Byzantine, with gold being a crucial element.

This trend isn’t going anywhere

baroque nails, fashion, style, Blake Lively, MundoNOW

PHOTO: Shutterstock

To this day, it remains uncertain who first began doing Baroque nails or who revived this trend.

What is certain is that it is a global hit that is perfect for those who want a distinctive look.

Actress Blake Lively entrusted Elle Gerstein to give her a version of this trend.

At the 2018 Met Gala, the film star showcased Bordeaux pearlescent nail polish adorned with Baroque-inspired jewels.

Secrets to doing a Baroque manicure

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

To conclude, here are some secrets to doing this manicure. There’s nothing to lose by trying out this style.

According to ES24, this design involves affixing a decal with various patterns onto your nails.

Most of the time, the nails are painted in a nude or white color to enhance the images that will be applied afterward.

Some of these images may depict virgins, angels, marbles, etc. To see some examples of Baroque nails click HERE.

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