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Brother of Hispanic singer Wendy Vásquez is murdered

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Wendy Vásquez/Foto: Shutterstock
  • The brother of singer Wendy Vásquez was murdered.
  • Authorities initiate investigations.
  • Condolences and repudiation in networks.

During the night of last Tuesday, September 5, Totonicapán, a municipality in Guatemala, was the scene of a tragic armed attack.

After the ambush that occurred in the aforementioned community, the brother of the religious singer Wendy Vásquez was assassinated.

Obed Antonio Ajpacajá Vásquez, only 20 years old, was the victim of the tragic event that has caused great commotion.

The police authorities preliminarily reported that a family was traveling in a recent model red pickup truck.

Singer loses her brother in an ambush

Performer, Attack, Shootout, Accident, Tragedy
Photo: Shutterstock

The vehicle was overturned as a result of a shooting attack that caused the driver to lose control in an ambush.

Despite the violence of the event, the other people in the car escaped unharmed, including Wendy Vásquez.

As of writing, the identity of the other survivors of the altercation has not been disclosed.

The terrifying event took place around 11:00 p.m. in the Siquibal community, Santa Lucía La Reforma, Totonicapán.

Family of singer Wendy Vásquez in mourning

Investigations, Authorities, Death, Murder, Crime
Photo: Shutterstock

In the different social networks, the news of the unfortunate crime has caused a deep rejection by users.

Who have come together to express their condolences and solidarity to the evangelical music singer and her family.

The Volunteer Firefighters responded to this tragic event, since they located an overturned pickup truck on a dirt road.

Upon inspecting the vehicle, they discovered a lifeless man, victim of multiple gunshot wounds to various parts of the body.

The singer was unharmed after the attack

Police, Hispanics, Interpreter, Famous, Mourning
Photo: Shutterstock

They immediately contacted the relevant authorities. Shortly after, it was confirmed that the deceased was Antonio Vásquez.

A short distance from the car, a woman was found who identified herself as Wendy Vásquez, the religious singer.

She told the rescuers that she was traveling with her brother when a group of unknown men blocked their way and shot at them.

Fortunately, the Guatemalan singer was unharmed in the attack, according to reports by the Publinews outlet.

The family has not commented on the matter

Music, Religion, Celebrity, Singer, Death
Photo: Shutterstock

Despite her physical safety, she was treated for a nervous breakdown due to the traumatic event.

So far, the family of the victims has not issued any official statement regarding this tragic event.

Within social networks, both videos and photographs of the unfortunate event in Totonicapán have begun to circulate.

In many of them, you can see how the recent model red pickup truck in which the singer and her brother were on board was left.

Shock and solidarity in social networks

Incident, Death, Bereavement, Loss, Guatemala, Brother Wendy Vásquez murdered
Photo: Shutterstock

A video shows the Guatemalan singer broken with pain at the scene, begging the Almighty for strength.

«Envy abounds everywhere», «God gives and God also takes away», «How unfortunate», «My condolences», it reads.

«God bring strength», «Quick resignation», «You don’t play with the name of God», «A hug to the soul», said others.

«Strength and resignation for the family», «What a sad situation», «God embrace the family», shared other users.

Ongoing investigation and calls for justice on Wendy Vásquez’s brother’s murder

Justice, Authorities, Rescuers, Tragedy, Ambush
Photo: Shutterstock

The Totonicapán community and supporters of Wendy Vásquez deeply mourn the loss of Obed Vásquez.

In addition, many of them condemn this senseless act of violence and urge the authorities to carry out justice for the family.

The National Civil Police has initiated an exhaustive investigation to clarify the circumstances of the ambush, detailed Publinews.

Meanwhile, society remains in a state of shock in the face of this unfortunate loss. HERE THE VIDEO AND THE PICTURES.

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