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Wendy Guevara’s parents accused of alleged fraud

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Wendy Guevara's Parents, News, Fraud, MundoNow, La Casa de los Famosos
FOTO: Televisa, Wendy Guevara's Parents
  • Wendy Guevara’s parents are accused.
  • They are alleged to have committed ‘fraud’.
  • The reason for the speculation emerges.

Transgender influencer Wendy Guevara became widely known for her participation in «La Casa de los Famosos México.»

She later won the reality show, but now finds herself at the center of a storm.

The controversy began due to a report of alleged fraud that has shaken social networks.

However, this time, the controversy is not about Wendy herself, but rather her own parents.

The Controversy Surrounding Wendy Guevara

transgender, pride, LGBT, winner, reality show
PHOTO: Mezcalo

Wendy Guevara, who won the love and respect of the Mexican public for her authenticity, has maintained a close relationship with her parents.

This despite the difficulties they faced in accepting their gender identity.

Wendy even shared her father’s struggle with addiction on several occasions, ensuring that, currently, he is sober and happy.

However, recently, Wendy’s family has been involved in a scandal after being accused of fraud by several social media users.

The Merchandising business and the problems

The House of Famous People, Mexico, Televisa, social networks, influencer
They accuse Wendy’s parents PHOTO: Meznivel

The controversy revolves around an online store selling products related to the influencer, including items featuring her image and others designed to support transgender individuals.

Additionally, it was announced that a portion of the profits would be donated to a foundation.

Public outcry began when social media users voiced their dissatisfaction over undelivered merchandise.

According to journalist Alejandro Zúñiga, the store was shut down, severely impacting the distribution of products.

Wendy Guevara’s Parents Accused of Fraud

Fraud, online store, Merchandise, clothing, complaint
PHOTO: Mezcalo

The influencer’s followers felt disappointed and began sharing their experiences across various digital platforms.

Entertainment journalist Alejandro Zuñiga brought this situation to the public’s attention.

He emphasized that the Guevara family, likely due to their inexperience with online commerce, failed to fulfill all the orders. As a result, numerous customers were left dissatisfied.

«They really tarnished their reputation,» the reporter commented, noting the growing number of complaints accumulating on social media groups.

The voices of indignation on social networks

robbery, store closing, problems, economy, television
They accuse Wendy Guevara’s parents PHOTO: Meznivel

Zuñiga explicitly labeled the situation as «fraud and theft», referring to the abrupt shutdown of the store without providing explanations or resolutions for affected customers.

“And they’ve already shut down the store. So, I have news for all those people…” began Alejandro Zúñiga.

«All those who are awaiting their shirt won’t receive it because Wendy Guevara’s family has closed the store,» the journalist stated.

«He didn’t address all those left in limbo. To me, that’s called fraud and theft, whether here or in China,» Zúñiga expressed on his YouTube channel.

Will the influencer be able to solve the problem?

controversy, shows, MundoNow, public eye, entertainment
PHOTO: Televisa

This unforeseen controversy has once again thrust Wendy Guevara into the media spotlight, albeit indirectly this time.

Ever since her exit from «La Casa de los Famosos», the influencer has remained in the public eye for various reasons, including claims of unpaid money.

Presently, there is uncertainty among Wendy Guevara’s followers who are still awaiting their products or a response to their grievances.

Resolving this issue might necessitate candid and transparent communication from both Wendy Guevara and her family.  (SEE VIDEO HERE).

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