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Wendy Guevara appears with Madonna doing the unthinkable (VIDEO)

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Wendy Guevara surprises Madonna (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Wendy Guevara was Madonna’s special guest
  • Madonna took her on stage to leave everyone ‘in shock’
  • The winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’ gave her the unthinkable

Wendy Guevara, a Mexican gay icon and winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’, made a special guest appearance at Madonna’s concert.

The Mexican was brought to the third date of the Queen of Pop’s ‘Four Decades: The Celebration Tour’ in Mexico, which is featuring special guests.

The moment has sparked discussions on social media due to Wendy Guevara’s sensational participation, who claimed to have ‘fulfilled one of her dreams’ by meeting her idol.

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Wendy Guevara appeared on Madonna’s show

Wendy Guevara, Madonna, gift, show, concert
‘X’: Wendy Guevara

The moment when the transgender icon interacts on stage with Madonna went viral on social media.

During a part of the show, the Queen of Pop brings up a special guest, a famous one, so that during ‘Vogue’, the dancers can perform a sensual dance with them.

Wendy Guevara took the opportunity to shine and shed all inhibition alongside the singer, who was astonished and delighted by her.

The Mexican didn’t hesitate to flirt with Madonna’s dancers and show off her suggestive steps and poses.

The winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’, scandalized

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Instagram: Wendy Guevara

In previous dates, Madonna had featured comedian Guillermo Rodríguez and actor Alberto Guerra as guests.

Wendy Guevara posted a photo on her Instagram where she can be seen sitting with her head resting next to Madonna.

«And a dream come true, thank you Madonna,» was the caption Wendy wrote on her photograph.

But the gay icon also mentioned that she had a gift for the Queen of Pop.

They fulfill a dream

Madonna, Wendy Guevara, tour, shows
‘X’, video

In a video after her participation in Madonna’s show, the influencer Wendy Guevara commented that she forgot that she had a gift for the singer.

And no one imagined that it would be ‘a molcajete’, a very Mexican item used since ancient times to make sauces and grind foods.

The influencer said that if any of Madonna’s followers lived near the Narvarte neighborhood, she would do them the favor of giving it to the singer.

For now, the videos of Madonna’s show with Wendy Guevara have caused all kinds of reactions. HERE THE VIDEO OF THE SHOW / HERE THE VIDEO OF THE MOLCAJETE

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