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Who is Wendy Guevara’s alleged boyfriend David Ortega?

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new boyfriend Wendy Guevara, influencer, singer, actress- nuevo novio Wendy Guevara, influencer, cantante, actriz, MundoNOW
Wendy Guevara's new boyfriend (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Who is David Ortega?
  • He is said to be dating Wendy Guevara.
  • Her confessions about gender identity.

Although she was already a celebrity on the internet, winning the first season of La Casa de los Famosos México made her even more famous.

Many thought that Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella would get together after the show, but that was not the case.

In recent days, it was revealed that Wendy Guevara has a new boyfriend named David Ortega. So who is he?

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‘We’re lost, lost, lost!’

The losses, Paola Suárez, Kimberly, Internet, MundoNOW, Wendy Guevara new boyfriend

In an interview she gave last year,Wendy Guevara surprised fans when she said she did not identify as a woman.

On La Divaza and La José’s podcast she said she felt like a trans girl, which brought her a lot of criticism.

The influencer has also been linked to Marlon Colmenarez.

However, Wendy has said that the Venezuelan coach and singer is just a friend.

Who has Wendy Guevara dated?

new boyfriend Wendy Guevara, José Luis Landín, Mauro, Esteban, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

According to Las Estrellas, Wendy Guevara said she had four boyfriends during her time on LCDLF!

Ricardo Peralta, a friend of the influencer, said in an interview that indeed there are four (or more?) guys who Wendy often sees.

According to some internet users, they include dancer Jair Cano and influencer José Luis Landín, known as ‘Pipo.’

She is also linked to Mauro Alex Meza, a gym instructor and Esteban from Acapulco Shore. In addition, there are Fer Baare, Daniel Fraga, Villa and Alexander.

Is there romance on the horizon with Julián Gil?

Wendy Guevara's boyfriend, David Ortega, influencer, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Recently, it was announced that Wendy Guevara will star in a mini-series alongside actor Julián Gil.

According to El Universal, it is called Un Amor Viejo and will have 25 episodes.

This project is part of TUDN’s coverage of the Olympic Games, to be held in Paris, France, starting in July.

«It’s going to be funny. I’m a newbie, I’ve never done this before, I’m going to try to put in all the nice things,» said the influencer.

‘I love him so much’

Wendy Guevara's boyfriend, David Ortega, influencer, MundoNOW
Wendy Guevara’s new boyfriend / PHOTO: Mezcalent

In her very unique style, Wendy Guevara let it be known that her new boyfriend is influencer David Ortega.

However, in a recent interview, she said he was her friend, that she loved him very much and that sometimes she ‘hooks up’ with him.

They each posted a video where they are kissing on their social media media accounts, but later deleted the posts.

«I adore you, you know that,» David said after Wendy said she was fed up because her ‘boyfriend’ was looking at other women.

Is David Ortega Wendy Guevara’s new boyfriend?

Wendy Guevara's boyfriend, David Ortega, influencer, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram Screenshot

According to TVyNovelas, Wendy Guevara’s new boyfriend is originally from Autlán, Jalisco, Mexico.

David Ortega, who won the Mr. Universe Mesoamerica contest in 2017, has known the influencer for several years.

In 2022, he appeared in the reality show Survivor México, and he also took part in a contest looking for William Levy’s double.

Furthermore, he is active on OnlyFans. On his official Instagram account, he has more than 700,000 followers.

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