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Make a weekend meal for six people for under $6

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  • Enjoy your weekend!
  • We have a simple weekend meal that will feed six people.
  • It is very economical! You’ll spend just $5.18.

THE WEEKEND IS HERE! Saturday and Sunday are usually days off for most families in the US, so many parents will appreciate this simple idea for preparing a weekend meal for six people for only $5.18.

Saving has become one of the most important goals at home now that inflation has skyrocketed. Although this recipe may not be the most low-cal, you will be able to feed six people and spend very little money. After all, it’s the weekend! So we can treat ourselves.

Weekend meal for 6 people for under $6

Weekend meal for 6 people
Photo: Shutterstock

A mom from California, known on Reddit as TacoboutSpicy, shared a simple and cheap recipe that put a smile on her family’s faces. “$5.18 to feed my family of 6”, she wrote along with this recipe for success.

Who does not like pizza? Well, this Californian mother devised a version of pizza that she made with bagels and a few other ingredients she got from Aldi and paid only $5.18. You can buy your ingredients at the convenience store of your choice.

What ingredient are needed?

Weekend meal for 6 people
Photo: Reddit

As proof of her feat, the woman published a photograph with all of the ingredients: A package of 6 plain bagels, a jar of marinara sauce large, a pack of pepperoni and a pack of mozzarella cheese, which is ideal for making pizzas.

There are only four ingredients and the preparation is very simple. The mother just cut the bagels in half and spread a good amount of marinara sauce on them. She then covered the bagels with shredded mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices, according to The Sun.

How to prepare pizza bagels?

Photo: Reddit

As simple as putting together a traditional pizza, right? Well, the next step will be to put the pizza bagels in the oven for about 12 minutes. Remember that the cooking time depends on the power of your oven. The idea is that the cheese melts succulently without burning the bread.

The multiple reactions to her creative dinner idea were unexpected. Not only because of the huge savings, but because this meal be a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. “Pizza in the morning, pizza at night, pizza at dinner time. It looks delicious,” commented a netizen.

Are you on bfoard?

Photo: Shutterstock

“Smart idea. I’ll try this.” “This was my son’s favorite weeknight dinner, mine too!” “Quick, easy and I’d add salad from a bag or carrot and celery sticks and ranch.” “And they wouldn’t complain about the vegetables (sic) because they had pizza,” commented some users enthusiastically.

Others even suggest different versions using brioche, English muffins, and even sandwich bread slices. You could even add any other toppings of your choice to your pizza. So, do you dare to try this simple recipe?

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