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6 simple ways to save money every day

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  • In the United States, people save between 6% and 8% of their annual income.
  • It is estimated that the average citizen spends more than $240 per month on entertainment.
  • Find out simple ways to save money every day.

Find out easy ways to save money every day! Did you know that, every year, according to The Ascent, the average US citizen spends more than $240 on recreational activities? This amount may be more or less in some cases, but the truth is that small expenses can mean you save less each year.

Savings can be affected by factors such as annual salary, socioeconomic context and people’s consumption habits but, in most cases, it is possible to save on certain bills to maximize your annual budget. Here are 6 simple ways to save money each day!

6. Make a budget

Having a budget is one of the best ideas to save money every day.

Making a budget can be key to saving money every day, since putting all of your income and expenses on paper will make the process of determining which are necessary and which can be dispensed with easier.

A budget serves as a guide that will lead you towards a specific financial goal. Whether you’re saving to buy a house, a car, or to pay off a debt or a trip, the reality is that setting a goal is essential to making it happen. Experts recommend making a list of all the expenses you have on a daily basis and use it to make responsible, sustainable and profitable financial decisions.

5. Pack your lunch

Everyday Money Saving Ideas: Meal Prep

Did you know that lunch represents one of the largest expenses for Americans? According to statistics, most fast food chains make more money selling lunch than any other meal. This represents a significant expense, especially for the working class that spends several hours of the day in an office and sees fast food as one of easiest options.

Among the best ideas to save money on a daily basis and reduce your food expenses is to prepare lunch at home. It is true that you will have to stock up every week, but the reality is that you will save hundreds of dollars and you will be able to eat a more balanced diet, even on very busy days.

4. One of the best ideas to save money each day? Cancel some services


When you make your budget, do not forget to include a section where you list all the services that you pay for monthly and annually, such as subscriptions to streaming services, phone plans, internet, cable TV, gym, and others. It is possible that you are paying for some that you no longer use or that you really don’t need.

You don’t need to cancel all your subscriptions or services, but try to weed out those you don’t really use. It may be enough to choose a more austere plan. You can, for example, choose fewer channels with your cable provider, on your streaming platforms, or even switch to a smaller phone plan.

3. Avoid using credit cards

Ideas to save daily: Avoid credit cards

If you have credit cards and want to save money each day avoid using credit cards for small purchases at all costs. This can lead you to spend above your means and you’ll wind up paying interest on your purchases.

When using credit cards, try to make sure you’ll be able to pay them off each month. However, it will be possible to save more money if you reduce the use of your credit card for small purchases.

2. Drink tap water


Do you usually buy bottled water? You may want to consider another option! Statistics indicate that, on average, a person spends about $100 on water per year. Therefore, sticking to tap water could save you a bundle.

One option way to do this is by getting a reusable bottle since this will allow you to take it everywhere to develop the habit of drinking tap water without having to spend on plastic bottles that cost a lot and contribute to pollution.

1. Prepare your coffee at home


Three out of four Americans are in the habit of drinking at least one cup of coffee a day, but the reality is that hardly anyone drinks just one cup, so this is an expense that, in some cases, amounts to more than $2,000 per year.

Preparing coffee at home can help save. You will need to invest in a coffee maker and supplies, although this will be much less than going to a coffee shop. Try it and you will see how much you can save in one year!

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