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Man and his son brutally beat his estranged wife’s new lover to death

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  • Wayne and Riley Peckham were found guilty of murder.
  • They brutally beat Matthew Rodwell to death.
  • Riley Peckham helped his father kill his mother’s new lover.

A father and son committed a «heartbreaking and brutal» attack on a man and were found guilty of his murder. Wayne Peckham and his son Riley were sentenced today by a jury of seven men and five women at Norwich Crown Court after a six-week trial.

Reaching a unanimous decision, the jury took just 10½ hours to convict both defendants. They had denied murdering Matthew Rodwell, who had been in a relationship with Wayne’s estranged wife and Riley’s mother.

Matthew Rodwell hid in a closet

He hid in a closet
PHOTO: Norfolk Police

According to the Norfolk, UK Police, Matthew Rodwell was hiding in a closet in an upstairs room of Kerry Peckham’s house. He called 999 as he desperately tried to escape from the two men.

Riley Peckham entered the house through one of the windows and discovered Rodwell in the closet. On the recording of the 999 call he can be heard yelling «He’s here!» to his father.

Rodwell called for help

How bad was the marriage going?
PHOTO: Norfolk Police

Kerry Peckam was married to Wayne for more than 20 years. Before the violent incident took place, the victim managed to make a call to the emergency services. The recording of the call is heartbreaking.

In the recording, Rodwell can be heard asking for help to arrive as soon as possible. Seconds later Riley Peckham shouts, «You’re going to die!» The audio recorded the death of Kerry’s lover.

No one could save him

Man kills wife's lover: No one could save him

When authorities arrived, nothing could be done for Matthew Rodwell, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Reports indicate that even as he lay next to the stairs totally unconscious, the Peckham’s continued their attack.

«On this call, we hear the final terrifying moments of Matthew’s life — a life taken by the actions of two men overwhelmed by jealousy and anger, acting like a herd of animals,» Detective Chris Burgess of the Norfolk Police said, according to the BBC.

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