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Walmart and Costco have bad news for Christmas

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  • Just as December rolls around, Walmart and Costco break bad news for Christmas.
  • We will tell you about the stores holiday schedules.
  • Home Depot, Lowe’s and Whole Foods will NOT be open on December 25, 2021.

Just as December rolls around, Walmart and Costco have some bad news for Christmas. These large U.S. chain stores have announced whether or not they will open their doors on December 25th. We will tell you about the schedules that these establishments have released.

The Christmas festivities are usually hectic and it is good to know which stores will be open and which will be closed on these dates. It’s always helpful to anticipate any unforeseen event that might happen at home and you never know when you’ll need to make last minute purchases.

Walmart and Costco have bad news for Christmas

Walmart and Costco give bad news for Christmas
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Stores such as Aldi, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, HEB stores, Home Depot, IKEA, Kohl’s, Kroger stores, Lowe’s, Publix, Ralph’s, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods will NOT be open on December 25, 2021. But luckily, there are other establishments that will be open on Christmas Day!

The list is long, but it will surely interest you to know that both Walmart and Costco will also be closed on this day. Although you can visit them on December 24 and again on December 26, according to Taste Of Home. Here are their Christmas schedules.

Walmart and Costco Christmas Schedules

Walmart and Costco give bad news for Christmas
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Walmart stores will be open on December 24 until 6 p.m., but they will be closed on Christmas Day. Customers will be able to visit them again when they resume their operations on December 26 at the usual hours, according to KomoNews.

For its part, Costco stores in the United States will be open until 5 in the afternoon on December 24 on Christmas Eve and will be closed completely on December 25. They will open their doors again very early on December 26th.

What stores will be open on Christmas day?

Walmart and Costco give bad news for Christmas
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Thinking of your comfort and to help you with any last minute emergencies, we found out which stores WILL be open on Christmas. Remember to always check with your closest store, as times may vary by location.

Albertsons and Giant These are two of the grocery stores that will be open on Christmas between 8 AM and 4 PM. While most 7-Eleven gas stations will remain open as always: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this will also apply on December 25.

Other stores open on Christmas day

Walmart and Costco give bad news for Christmas
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CVS pharmacies will also be open to the public. They’re usually open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but on Christmas they will only be open from 8 AM until 9 PM. On December 25, some Walgreens pharmacies will remain open 24/7, while others will have limited hours that vary between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Finally, for those who want to go for a warm coffee and a delicious snack, Starbucks will open its doors on Christmas, although remember to confirm the information with your closest location as some coffee shops may close early.

What about Target?

Target shooting dead Ohio Columbus police store
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Despite the fact that Target will close its doors at 8 pm on Christmas Eve and will not open on Christmas day, stores have extended holiday hours so you can get all your shopping done. From December 5 they will open at 7 AM and will close at midnight due to the high demand during the Christmas season.

On a normal day, stores open at 7 AM and close at 10 PM, but due to the approaching holidays they decided that the hours should be extended in order to give their customers a greater opportunity to make all their desired purchases. It’s not the first year that Target has extended its hours, last year it began on December 11 and ended before Christmas.


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According to The Sun, Target announced the extension of its schedule and informed customers that they will begin on Sunday, December 5. The corporate spokesman stated that due to the Christmas holiday they were going to extend their business hours and their main objective was to be able to fulfill the wishes of their customers on these special dates.

The spokesperson confirmed that Target will open at 7 AM and will close until midnight. The main idea is to allow  their customers to find the products they need and to have them at hand. Although it is also emphasized that you should look for at the hours of each store, because they can vary.

When will Target be open?

Target extended Christmas hours: What hours will they have?
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Although Target commonly opens its stores at 7 AM the only difference is the closing time. According to the media, the stores normally close at 10 PM. This month, the branches will close at 12 AM. Sales are expected to increase due to the longer hours.

Customers are asked to check the schedules as they may vary by location, so it’s always worth checking Target’s store locator beforehand to avoid disappointment, The Sun reported. Currently, customers can know for sure that several stores will be open.

How long will the extended hours last?

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According to what was reported by the company’s spokesperson, the new schedule will remain in effect until December 23 and will allow thousands of American families to get the products they need at a good price and without being pressured by the schedules that are imposed in the popular stores.

It’s not the first time that Target stores have remained open until that time. Last year they maintained that policy and began before the December holidays. Target has become one of the most popular destinations for customers to fulfill all of the Christmas shopping needs.

A unique experience?

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The director of the Target stores gave an interview to USA TODAY stating the changes that will be taking place in the stores during the month of December and explained why he was doing it. Mark Schindele, said that the main objective was to provide a different experience to Target customers and to meet their needs.

«We are making it as easy as possible for guests to get all their holiday needs, on their terms,” informed the director of the Target stores in the interview he gave to the media. That’s why Mark Schindele said that they want to meet their customers’ expectations and give them what they want. Filed Under: Target Extends Christmas Hours

Target’s extended Christmas hours

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In the interview he gave about the changes that would take place this holiday season, Mark Schindele mentioned that this schedule will help people have more time to get their desired purchases and that it will encourage customers to do more of their shopping in his stores.

“Our extended holiday shopping hours – starting even earlier this year – is one example of just that, allowing guests more time to shop in store or use our fast same-day pickup options during the final weeks of the holiday season,” he was quoted in USA TODAY. Walmart and Costco have bad news this Christmas.

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