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A volcano in Mexico erupts lighting up the sky and shaking the earth

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Fenómeno natural
  • The Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico erupts.
  • Don Goyo lit up the sky and shook the earth.
  • It released incandescent material.

While the villagers slept, an explosion shook the city of Puebla after the Popocatépetl volcano released incandescent material, fumaroles and ash fall in the early hours of May 10, which is Mother’s Day in Mexico.

According to El Heraldo de Mexico, residents who live near the outskirts of Don Goyo had a frightening night when an impressive noise interrupted their sleep early Wednesday morning. On what is normally a day for celebration, the volcano sparked fear.

Popocatépetl erupts

Popocatépetl volcano explosion
Photo Twitter

The eruptions occurred around 1:52 in the morning, when most people were sleeping. The deafening explosion terrified nearby residents as Don Goyo emitted incandescent material for several miles around.

The security cameras installed around it captured the exact moment when volcano erupts. It is located between the states of Mexico, Morelos and Puebla, which immediately reported the Popocatépetl volcano was erupting.

Was anyone hurt?

rumble mexico
Photo Twitter

The images recorded emissions of gases, ashes and incandescent material, but the most updated report has not indicated any injuries or damage. A video of the eruption is circulating on social media.

The moment was also recorded from the municipalities of Tianguismanalco and Amecameca de Juárez, as well as from the Tlamacas and Altzomoni hills. The video shows the explosion lasting approximately 20 seconds.

Residents are still on alert

Popocatépetl volcano explosion
Photo Twitter

After the explosion, a huge column of smoke rose up. The noise startled residents of the nearby communities and even some animals in the area, especially dogs. So far no property damage or injuries have been reported.

Cenapred reported that in the last 24 hours the monitoring systems of the Popocatépetl volcano have recorded 143 exhalations accompanied by water vapor, volcanic gases and ash.

Yellow alert

rumble mexico
Photo Twitter

After the eruption, Sin Embargo reported that the Volcanic Alert Traffic Light is at Yellow Phase 2 and the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred) asked people not to approach the volcano, especially the crater, due to the danger involved in «the emission of incandescent fragments.»

Given this, the Mexican government asks residents to stay at least seven miles from the volcano. In the event of heavy rain, people are advised to stay away from the bottom of ravines due to the danger of mud and debris flows.

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