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Viera Vidente gives disturbing predictions for December

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Viera Vidente Global Changes, Volcano, Asia, MundoNow, News
Viera Vidente predicts global changes (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Viera Vidente predicts global changes.
  • Huge changes to start 2024.
  • World alerts in December.

In a month brimming with expectations, the renowned psychic and astrologer ‘Viera Vidente’ has shared a series of predictions on her YouTube channel.

Essentially, these have been messages that have left her followers in suspense, especially due to their disturbing nature.

Known for the accuracy of her forecasts, Viera spares no detail in predicting events that could significantly impact the final part of the year 2023.

The last month of the year could bring global impacts in surprisingly unexpected ways, issuing a grave warning about all that is anticipated to happen.

Viera Vidente Predicts Global Changes

China, hurricanes, Central America, Argentine politics,
PHOTO: Shutterstock

In her most recent video, Viera highlights December 12 as a particularly significant day.

‘The cards are revealing to me that in December, many of us will have God on our lips,’ the psychic warns.

This statement has created an aura of mystery, captivating the attention of her audience.

The scenarios she outlines range from notable changes in the United States to celestial movements that will impact Argentina, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Global Changes and Alert for China

new president, disagreements, threats, natural disasters, volcano eruption
PHOTO: Shutterstock

However, it is China that appears to bear the brunt, according to Viera’s visions. This is what her cards suggest might happen.

A pneumonia outbreak is poised to close the last month of the year in sorrow, impacting children, adults, and the elderly.

«Something strong awaits us,» the psychic declares, thereby issuing a global alert. Viera’s insights extend beyond health issues; she also offers predictions in the political realm.

Argentina becomes a center of interest, with Viera forecasting significant conflicts with the incoming president.

Changes in Central America

world economy, global health, economic decisions, Russia, Ukraine conflict
Viera Vidente reveals disturbing predictions PHOTO: Shutterstock

She warns of possible attacks, illnesses, or other events that could affect the elected leader, raising concerns among those who follow Argentine politics closely.

According to Viera’s visions, December will also be a month of instability in Central America, with the region bracing for major natural disasters.

Hurricanes are poised to strike Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, while nature seems ready to unleash a ‘tremendous surprise.’

Additionally, the psychic foresees a volcano eruption in January or February, adding yet another layer of anxiety to her predictions.

Viera Vidente warns of natural disasters

 call to prayer, prophecies, astrology, visions, events
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Viera’s projections extend beyond the natural and political realms; she also foresees significant changes on the global stage.

Economic decisions made by a powerful figure in the United States, the psychic asserts, will resonate deeply with health and economic issues.

This announcement, delivered with a grave tone, has prompted many to ponder the possible implications for the upcoming year.

«We are going to pray to be well in every aspect and to end this 2023 on a good note because, sadly, the cards are telling me that many people will not find peace in December,» she said.

Urgent Call to Prayer for Russia

 pneumonia outbreak, affectation, children, adults, seniors, urgency, gloomy outlook
Viera Vidente reveals disturbing predictions PHOTO: Shutterstock

She urges her followers to direct their prayers towards this country, anticipating conflicts with Ukraine that could have global repercussions. «They will not start 2024 well.»

As Viera Vidente’s words spread, uncertainty looms over those who seek answers in her predictions.

Will these visions become reality? How will these projected events affect the final month of the year and the onset of 2024?

As December unfolds, the world watches intently, aware that answers might be just around the corner. (TO GO TO THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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