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Vieira Vidente reveals what Cazzu will do to Christian Nodal for his relationship with Ángela Aguilar

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Vieira Vidente Cazzu Nodal, Ángela Aguilar, cantantes, México, MundoNOW
Vieira Vidente prediction (PHOTO: Mezcalent/YouTube Screenshot)
  • Vieira Vidente says that there were problems between Nodal and Cazzu
  • The Mexican artist did not love the Argentine singer
  • Ángela Aguilar was always a friend of the interpreter

The never-ending story… The confirmation that there is a relationship between Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar is still on everyone’s lips.

Now, Vieira Vidente predicts what Cazzu will do to Nodal for his courtship with Pepe Aguilar’s daughter.

It was through a video that she uploaded to her official YouTube channel that the Venezuelan shared her predictions.

It should be remembered that the Argentine singer is the mother of the Mexican artist’s only daughter. Will she take advantage of the situation?

Will he prohibit her from seeing her daughter?

Vieira Seer Cazzu Nodal, predictions, astrology, YouTube, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Screenshot from YouTube

Before beginning her card reading, Vieira Vidente wanted to make it clear that she does this with great respect for Cazzu and Christian Nodal, as well as for Ángela Aguilar.

Firstly, she assured that the singer has ‘the baton’ in his hands, in addition to believing and feeling like ‘the king of kings’.

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«The letters tell me that they (Nodal and Cazzu) already had problems. He had already said it, if they lasted three years it was too long and they would not end well,» she commented.

Next, the Venezuelan psychic stated that little Inti was not so desired by both of them.

On the other hand, Vieira Vidente revealed that Christian Nodal did like Cazzu and was used to her, but he did not love her.

«He knew that he was ‘in passing’, he was ‘in the moment’, and he was living that illusion and that whim,» mentioned the Venezuelan.

And when no one saw it coming, he hinted that it was the Argentine woman who had been unfaithful to the Mexican artist.

For this reason, he decided to end the relationship: «There were many misunderstandings here.» The psychic confessed that Ángela Aguilar was always a friend of Nodal.

Finally, Vieira Vidente shared that the romance between Nodal and the daughter of Pepe Aguilar It started years ago.

«Cazzu will not end very well in 2024. Right now, she is acting strong, ‘the tough one’.»

When he found out about the new engagement of her ex, the Argentine artist made a radical decision:

«He is going to demand a lot of money for the support of his daughter. A betrayal is coming. She is not going to let him take her daughter and share her with Ángela Aguilar,» she said (SEE THE VIDEO HERE).

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