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Vieira Vidente detects ‘evil’ face on the moon

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Vieira Vidente evil moon (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Vieira Vidente spotted a face on the moon.
  • Could it be a demon manifesting?
  • «There will be signs,» emphasized the clairvoyant.

Vieira Vidente, with the help of tarot cards and the stars, managed to decipher the meaning of the face that appeared on the moon.

The Hispanic astrologer didn’t hesitate to point out what could happen in the coming months of the year due to the «sign» observed in the celestial body.

Furthermore, she declared that disasters are looming for the Earth and even emphasized the need to pray to prevent bad things from happening.

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Vieira Vidente detected a face on the moon

Vieira Diente, astrology, lunar phenomenon, face on the moon, MundoNOW
Foto: Shutterstock

In a stunning revelation, the renowned Vieira Vidente has shared her interpretations of an unusual celestial phenomenon that has left the world in awe.

Using a combined approach of tarot cards and astronomical observations, Vieira claims to have deciphered the mysterious face that appeared on the moon.

«Many are saying out there that it’s the face of the devil [on the moon], but honestly, when I looked closely, I felt that it wasn’t what they were telling me,» she emphasized.

«I told you all that this 2024 was going to be a very, very difficult year where we would experience very strange, very different episodes, and many things were going to happen to us,» she announced.

What will happen with this signal?

predictions, catastrophic events, astronomical interpretation, astrological charts, natural disasters, MundoNOW
Foto: Shutterstock

Vieira’s discovery arose when the moon revealed an enigmatic image that captured the attention of millions worldwide.

«Look, my loves, the cards, my angels, and my ancestors are telling us that we have been living so much in these last three months that it was to be expected that the person who took that picture – of the moon – it was Lucifer,» she announced.

With her vast experience in astrology and psychic abilities, Vieira wasted no time delving into the interpretation of this surprising celestial event.

«I don’t feel like it’s that way, but I feel like it’s a divine message, a message from God through the moon,» she added in the clip.

Did God show up?

Global crisis, cosmic signs, celestial mysteries, power of the mind, spiritual unity, MundoNOW
Foto: Shutterstock

According to her words, this phenomenon is not simply an astronomical spectacle, but a divine message with profound implications for humanity.

«For me, I feel like it’s the image of the Sacramental Jesus. Nobody, including myself, has seen the face of Jesus or God,» she emphasized.

In the video, Vieira shared her unsettling predictions for the coming months of the year, based on her analysis of the lunar face.

«Look, my loves, respecting everyone’s beliefs, there are people who speculate that it’s the image of the devil. That this face is the evil face, I see a beautiful face, not an angry one,» she concluded.

Are difficulties approaching for humanity?

collective prayer, uncertain future, prophecies, psychic visions, positive energy, global instability, MundoNOW
Foto: Shutterstock

The psychic warns that catastrophic events could be lurking on Earth in the near future.

«In the face that I, that I looked at, it’s different. There will be angelic signs, not demonic. This time I cannot say what I don’t see, on the contrary, this image is ancestral,» she emphasized.

Her grave and serious tone reflects the gravity of her forecasts, which include natural disasters and crises of monumental proportions.

«Why and for what? So that we see because very difficult things are coming,» announced the famous astrologer on her YouTube channel.

What natural phenomena could appear?

humanitarian crises, cosmic impact, reflections, spirituality, connection with the universe, MundoNOW
Foto: Shutterstock

Among her most unsettling predictions, Vieira highlights the possibility of devastating natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions, that could shake entire regions of the world.

«Besides tremors, hurricanes, there will be volcanoes erupting. I feel that we will end this 2024 well. I feel that this image is warning us that difficult things are coming,» she emphasized.

However, despite the seriousness of her warnings, Vieira also offers a ray of hope. She urges people to come together in prayer and meditation to send positive energy.

«Things are happening up there. I don’t feel it’s the devil. I feel it’s a divine message from God, to unite us, to reflect,» she concluded. TO WATCH VIDEO, CLICK HERE.

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