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Video resurfaces of the day that Jenni Rivera spoke ill of her aunt Luisa Rivera (VIDEO)

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  • A video of Jenni Rivera appears talking about her aunt Luisa Rivera
  • Apparently it was not much to the liking of the singer because of the criticism she makes in the clip
  • Aunt Luisa is the sister of the father of the Diva de la Banda, Don Pedro Rivera

It hits you with everything!

A video from a few years ago comes to light, where the singer deceased Jenni Rivera, who speaks ill of her aunt Luisa Rivera, sister of Don Pedro Rivera, «I don’t want her or I.»

Through a recording that was shared on Youtube, in which you can see the Great Lady, sitting on a palapa, while in the background you can see the sands of a beach.

This video caused controversy since the singer spoke very badly of her relative, everything seems to indicate that she was not to the liking of the celebrity, she even mentions that she told her father.

Aunt Luisa Rivera Jenni Rivera


«I don’t want her and I’m never going to love her»

At first, Jenni is observed enjoying the beach, accompanied by her relatives on behalf of her mother, and that’s when someone asks her who has the cul … guango? to which the musical artist replied “my aunt Luisa”.

«And my dad knows I have told him, my dad once asked me, why doesn’t your mother love my sister? I don’t love her,» said the Diva of music.

Later Jenni Rivera clarified why she doesn’t love her: «We don’t love her because she’s a devil and because she’s a bad person, she’s hateful, I don’t love her and I’m never going to love her, that’s what I told my dad.»

This caused several Internet users to make different comments where they locate Aunt Luisa Rivera, since her character appeared in the series Mariposa de Barrio, which tells the life of Jenni Rivera.



After saying that she did not love her aunt Luisa, the late singer Jenni Rivera continued to insult her father’s sister.

The relative who was recording asked the musical artist what if she had the cul … guango ?, to which she replied «that is nothing that needs to be clarified, she only has to be tempted.»

Aunt Luisa Rivera 2 Jenni Rivera


«She is an aunt, who is not her aunt anymore, because she is very ugly, for this course we are much prettier, she is nothing of the guanga», thus they dismissed the video.

Several followers began to comment on the video leaving their different opinions: «THAT WOMAN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IS THE ONE WHO CAME OUT IN THE MARIPOSA SERIES … (a very bad woman)», said the one who shared the recording.

Aunt Luisa Rivera 3


“Jenni, how she said the things that made those around her laugh, had a lot of fun”, “As always, she was very sincere and honest and nothing hypocritical or false, greetings Tia Pita”, “That lady with the“ cul… Guango «hahahahaha she is the meticulous one who defended the trill pig a lot», «I hated Aunt Luisa for being meticulous and for defending the trine», were some of the comments.

Filed under Tía Luisa Rivera.

Juan Rivera surprises his fans with an unpublished video

Days after sharing a never-before-seen photo with Jenni Rivera, now the singer Juan Rivera surprised his fans with an unpublished video in which he appears accompanied by La Diva de la Banda.

PHOTO Instagram Juan Rivera

Through his social networks, Jenni Rivera’s brother uploaded a video that is close to reaching 90 thousand views and that says: “Remembering the opening of my barber shop with a godmother, my sister did so much for everyone and there is no day not remember it and thank you for so much.

The interpreter of songs such as It turns out, They would like to have my place and Why don’t you see it, and who died in a accident air on December 9, 2012, in this video she wears blue jeans and a low-cut red blouse as she gets out of a car.

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