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A video of Yolanda Andrade looking haggard and unwell surfaces

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  • Yolanda Andrade is suffering from health problems.
  • A video has surfaced where she looks haggard and unwell.
  • Fans pray for her health.

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Yolanda Andrade looks unwell in recent video

Yolanda Andrade appears deteriorated
PHOTO Mezcalent

Yolanda Andrade has been in poor health for several months. She and her family have shared updates on social media where she could be seen in her hospital bed. She even said she’s been close to death.

However, now the Televisa presenter and actress has resurfaced and fans are shocked by her appearance. She looks very different from the Yolanda we’re accustomed to seeing and people are worried.

Yolanda Andrade looks ill in recent TikTok video

A video of Yolanda Andrade appears in which she looks deteriorated
PHOTO Mezcalent

A TikTok video has been circulating that shows Yolanda Andrade looking particularly ill. Her haggard appearance makes it clear that she has not fully recovered.

The actress and Televisa presenter has her hair up and is dressed in comfortable clothes. However, Andrade’s face looks quite puffy and she appears to have trouble standing.

Yolande Andrade’s treatment

is in treatment
PHOTO Mezcalent

According to the video, Yolanda Andrade is undergoing some type of treatment to help her regain her health. Not much is known about her illness or the treatment.

It appears to be an injection in her abdomen which seems to cause the presenter great pain, as she winces and makes sounds that indicate she’s in severe discomfort.

Fans pray for Yolanda’s recovery

Followers ask for his recovery
PHOTO Mezcalent

Yolanda Andrade’s fans have been commenting on the video and expressing their support and concern for the host.

«A prayer chain for her health.» «May God give her the strength to endure and overcome all this.» «May relief come soon to your life.» «God bless her and send healing to her life.» «Yolanda you will recover soon, you’ll see.» «I wish you the best, speedy recovery.»

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