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Video of Fernando Colunga reveals the truth about his sexuality (VIDEO)

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  • Fernando Colunga reveals if he is really gay
  • The actor tells the truth about his alleged romance with a famous Televisa executive
  • In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Fer tells his truth

Fernando Colunga gay or not. After the rumors that have been circulating on social media for several years now, about the alleged homosexuality of the Mexican actor from Televisa, Fernando Colunga, rumors that go as far as to say that he is working in the television network for an alleged affair with a famous person.

In a interview made by the Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, in 2008, he asked the artist direct questions about his supposed liking for people of the same gender, to which Fernando Colunga answered without mincing words.

Fernando Colunga is interviewed

Fernando Colunga gay

It is worth mentioning Fernando grew up in an environment close to civil engineering, so he decided to pursue a career in this area after finishing his high school studies in Mexico City, although very soon he would realize that his path was leaning towards the Arts.

The actor is known for being a teetotaler, since on more than one occasion he has declared not to consume any type of alcoholic beverage. Colunga has confessed that his passion for exercise began at the age of eight, and that since then he has taken it as a habit that has helped him to have a good quality of life.

The actor reveals if he is gay

Fernando Colunga gay 2

The journalist tells the actor about whether someone has asked him if he is gay? To which he replies: «They are not going to ask me and if they ask me I would say no and now, and if it were I would say yes too», he said. at the beginning of the clip Fer Colunga, very sure of himself.

The protagonist of different Mexican soap operas says that he has not had any problem with this situation: “everyone has to live their life, as they have to live it, God judges no one else judges, you cannot judge anyone, it produces a great It is an impression to think that they can dedicate so much time to me, ”said Colunga. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Are you on Televisa thanks to an affair with a famous executive?

Fernando Colunga gay 3

Regarding the rumor that Fernando is working at the Televisa network, due to an affair that he supposedly has with one of the top executives, I speak to say that it is not true, but he is impressed by everything that is said about him.

“On the one hand, it gives me a certain pleasure to know that someone can dedicate their life, thinking of me in this way, when you know that you are going to tell a truth about this person, you invest time and energy in your life that is precious and that he does not return ”, were the artist’s words.

Fernando Colunga gay: Why don’t you deny the rumors?

Fernando Colunga gay 4

The talented Televisa actor reveals why he does not deny the rumors of his homosexuality: “It’s not that I’m not interested, I think you have to keep your audience happy in this business, the people who love you and not them. you can disappoint ”, says the Mexican.

«Obviously I have defects, we all have them, but if you want to look for a crooked defect, you will not find it, I do not have it, I have another type», Fernando spoke about what journalists want to find in him and that he does not have it. , thus concluded his interview. Filed as gay Fernando Colunga

Cristina Saralegui affirms that she is not gay

Fernando Colunga gay 5

The famous host Cristina of the Cristina Show defends the actor: “Fernando does not go to any television program, he tells me mommy, because I know everything about him and I keep quiet about him, and Fernando Colunga is not gay, he is a gentleman ”.

“He is one of the few artists who when he goes to Televisa to record, he wears a jacket and tie, he does not wear jeans, out of respect for the people who are there, when he goes to an interview he is always impeccable, because he respects his audience ”This is how Cristina spoke of who she considers her great friend. Filed as gay Fernando Colunga

Mhoni Vidente assures that Mexican actor Fernando Colunga will come out of the closet


According to the letter from Los Amantes, Mhoni Vidente assures that Mexican actor Fernando Colunga, who would be part of the Malverde series, will soon declare that he is gay and that he has a male partner, “soon he will be declaring that he is gay , who has a male partner ”, but that would not be all:

Fernando Colunga gay: «It doesn’t matter what sexual preference you have»

PHOTO: Instagram. @ferfercolunga

The Cuban psychic and clairvoyant reminded her followers that this 2021 is the year of the total liberation of love, since several people, in addition to the Mexican actor Fernando Colunga, will come out of the closet and will be able to show their love to everyone.

«And one of them is Fernando Colunga, which is a very good prediction and that’s when you realize that it doesn’t matter what sexual preference you have, simply the talent you have to grow as a person,» said Mhoni Vidente. Filed as gay Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga does not consume alcoholic beverages


Before embarking on a career in acting, Colunga worked in a car dealership, started in business by opening a hardware store, in addition to selling electronic devices.

Along with these activities, he also served as a chain keeper in different nightclubs. The actor is known for being a teetotaler, since on more than one occasion he has declared not to consume any type of alcoholic beverage. Filed as gay Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga gay: The world of acting


In 1988, Fernando Colunga had the opportunity to enter the world of acting, acting as a double for actor Eduardo Yáñez in the soap opera Dulce Desafío, a successful production that aired in 1988.

His great talent and charisma led him to position himself as one of the greatest histrions on Mexican television, earning himself a privileged place within Televisa productions. Most of his television work has been the protagonist of stories such as María la del Barrio, La Usurpadora and Soy tu Dueña, although he has also served as a supporting actor in different productions. Filed as gay Fernando Colunga

Fernando rumors


The actor’s career has passed in a solid way, although there have been certain instances in which he has been involved in controversy. In addition to the rumors regarding his partners and his sexual orientation, the 54-year-old actor kept a profile where he has rarely had an altercation with one of his fellow producers.

It is believed that Colunga has a bad relationship with some of his colleagues, such as William Levy, with whom the protagonist of hits such as «La Usurpadora» refused to work on one occasion, claiming that the Cuban was at a different acting level than him. Filed as gay Fernando Colunga



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