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The companies owned by Vicente Fernández’s children and what his fortune is worth

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  • Vicente Fernández’s children’s businesses and their fortune are revealed.
  • Los Potrillos own several companies that earn impressive incomes.
  • Although it is not known how the inheritance will be distributed, it seems none of them need it.

In the wake of ‘El Charro de Huentitán’s’ death, a series of rumors have circulated about his inheritance and how it will be distributed. However, although it is not well known, Vicente Fernández’s children are the ones who would need it the least since they are owners of several companies valued in millions of pesos, according to reports by The Chihuahua Option and El Universal. They reveal what will happen to the deceased singer’s estate.

According to Forbes, the El Rey’s dynasty has 88 registered brands and more than 25 companies that are dedicated to the production and sale of tequila, perfumes, key rings, avocado, alcoholic beverages as well as concerts, real estate developments and technology.


Children Vicente Fernández Fortuna
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Vicente Fernández founded the VFG brand, which creates and sells wallets, bags, luggage, paper, cardboard and provides advertising services. They also organize concerts and produce alcoholic beverages. The singer was the majority shareholder of the companies, Ganadería Rancho la Ciénega and El Caminante Taxi Aéreo. The latter was created in partnership with his son, Alejandro, and is dedicated to the rental of Learjets 45 aircraft.

Another source of his income is his ranch «Los Tres Portillos», where he was laid to rest. The place has a performance center, Arena VFG, which can accommodate up to 10,000 attendees. It works in partnership with Ocesa to host the best artists.


Alejandro Gerardo
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The singer managed to position his brand «Chente Fernández», through which he offered musical performances, concerts and other entertainers. Also with the «Don Vicente» brand, he made tequila. The singer was the majority shareholder of the companies El Caminante Taxi Aéreo and Ganadería Rancho la Ciénega.

The children of ‘Charro de Huentitán’, Vicente Jr, Gerardo and Alejandro, have obtained more than the love of their parents, they also managed to use their father’s name to venture into business. His first-born, created «Vicente Fernández JR.» selling perfume, footwear, clothing and organizing live events. Filed Under: Children Vicente Fernández Fortuna


Charro de Huentitán
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Alejandro Fernández, is perhaps the one who would need the least  of ‘El Charro de Huentitán’s inheritance. However, being the most media savvy of the children, he is the owner of 15 brands and also a partner or owner of 20 companies, all of which are based in the city of Guadalajara. Also a singer, he launched “Flower by AF”, with which he offers advertising services, commercial administration, as well as the production and sale of plants and flowers.

For his part, the one in the middle of everything, Gerardo Fernández owns 20 brands, among them the “Arena VFG”, which is an auditorium that seats 11 thousand people and is inside the “Los Tres Potrillos” ranch. Also, the second son of Fernández has another brand “Los Tres Potrillos”, selling beverages, guacamole, food, avocado sauce, avocado oil and even a restaurant. Filed Under: Children Vicente Fernández Fortuna


Brands companies
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With the death of «El Charro de Huentitán», Vicente Fernández, on December 12, several questions remain on the table, including what is going to happen to his legacy. His large inheritance, which according to Celebrity Net Worth, amounts to 25 million dollars from the sales of his more than 50 albums.

In an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda in 2019, Vicente said that when he sang at Amanecer Tapatío, he told his wife that of what he earned, fifty cents would go to his wife and fifty cents to his mother. Unfortunately he lost his parents very young. Although the artist amassed a great fortune with music and film, not only did he stay there, but he built the VFG Arena. This Sunday he was laid to rest there before more than 10,000 people. He also has air taxis and other businesses derived from his earnings.


Charro de Huentitán
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Just as he has made money, he also lost money as when his son Vicente Jr. was kidnapped in 1998, and he had to pay a million dollars in ransom. In addition to the traumatic experience, Vicente Fernández received two of his son’s fingers in a box. In that same interview with Mara Patricia, Vicente said that his son Gerardo was around the most, that there was not a day when he did not go to eat with him.

«Vicente and Alejandro don’t stop by, it’s a feeling that I have to adjust to because they are my children and they know why they don’t come.» The charro has four children, Gerardo, Vicente Jr., Alejandro and Alejandra, his adoptive daughter, the daughter of his sister. Filed Under: Children Vicente Fernández Fortuna

Is Vicente Fernández’s son’s fortune linked to organized crime?

Heritage companies
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In the unauthorized biography by Olga Wornat, «The Last King, Chente», she says the main heir would be Gerardo. “Gerardo, is the middle son, he is ambitious, unscrupulous, who had shady relationships, who was able to steal from his father, his brother because he handled the money from the palenques, he was able to steal from Juan Gabriel, and that is the one who is going to keep the entire empire that Vicente Fernández leaves. He is going to stay because he is the one who handles the money, who handles the money of that great dynasty,” Olga said in an interview with Julio Astillero.

Vicente Fernández represented ranchera music for almost five decades. He was and will continue to be one of the most representative singers in Mexico and his musical legacy will continue for generations. Filed Under: Children Vicente Fernández Fortuna


Children Vicente Fernández Fortuna
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With so many years of experience and fame, it is evident that “El charro de Huentitán”, who died on December 12, accumulated a massive fortune, which will now be distributed among his heirs, including his wife, children and grandchildren.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Vicente Fernández left a fortune of 25 million dollars, which is currently equivalent to 529 million 585 thousand pesos. This amount does not include earnings from royalties and sponsorships, which surely skyrocketed after his death. Filed Under: Children Vicente Fernández Fortuna


Charro de Huentitán
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Google shared that after his death, the singer became a global search trend and the most searched songs were: “Acá Entre Nos”, “Mujeres Divinas”, “La Diferencia”, “Perdón” and “Los Celos”. As long as these continue to be played, the Fernández family will continue to earn money.

But music was not the only source of income for «Chente», according to Forbes he also dedicated himself to the production and sale of tequila, as well as concerts, real estate developments and technology. He registered his name in 2003 to sell clothing, footwear, portraits, perfumes and other items.

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