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Amid rumors his father is on his deathbed, Vicente Fernández Jr. wants to marry his girlfriend (PHOTO)

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Vicente Fernández Jr, wedding, girlfriend,
Is Vicente Fernández Jr. proposing to his girlfriend? (Photo: MundoNOW Archive)
  • Is Vicente Fernández Jr. proposing to his girlfriend?
  • Has he forgotten about his father’s illness?
  • Once again he is criticized online.

Has he already forgotten? Amid rumors his father is on his deathbed, Vicente Fernández Jr. defends his relationship with his girlfriend.

However, fans of Suelta la Sopa have begun criticizing him, arguing that Mariana González is only with him for his money.

Things have not been easy for the eldest son of singer Vicente Fernández.

While his father is lingering between life and death in a hospital, and things do not seem to be improving, he is once again became the target of mockery and criticism on social media.

Vicente Fernández Jr. defends his relationshipCantante, Charro, Guadalajara, ceremonia, MundoNOW

Photo: MezcalentIt all started when Mexican singer, Vicente Fernández Jr., shared a post defending his relationship with Mariana González, nicknamed «The Mexican Kim Kardashian.»

She is more than 10 years younger than him and because of this huge age difference, Don Chente’s son has been mocked online, with people saying she’s only with him for his money.

Despite all this, Vicente Jr. is sure of his love and his relationship with Mariana.

He posted a forceful message on his official Instagram account, stating that love and respect is more important than age.

Is Vicente Fernández Jr. proposing to Mariana González?

Ceremony, nuptials, Guadalajara, Chente, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

Through his Instagram stories, the son of Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita shared a forceful message defending his relationship.

He pointed out that he’s not the only man to fall in love with a much younger woman, citing Charlie Chaplin as an example.

At the beginning of the post Vicente Jr. said: “When Charlie Chaplin decided to marry Oona, 30 years younger. He told her, marry me to teach you to live and teach me to die. «She replied, no Charlie, I will marry you so that you can teach me to grow up and I will teach you to be young until the end.»

Is Vicente Fernández Jr. proposing soon?

Vicente Fernández Jr. defends his relationship

Ceremony, nuptials, Guadalajara, Chente, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

Later, in Vicente Fernández Jr.’s post, the singer defended his relationship with Mariana and commented that both Charlie and Oona had a long, happy marriage despite their age difference.

“It was a marriage wonderful and had 8 children and they lived together until Charlie died at the age of 88.”

«Whoever loves is not hard, does not get bored, does not run away, does not leave, does not cheat, and who does not like to hide behind artificial excuses, false excuses and fragile,» concluded Vicente Fernández’s son.

He clearly feels very strongly about his relationship with the Mexican Kim Kardashian.

«Don’t compare yourself to him»

Wedding Vicente Fernández Jr, Mariana González, wedding, Guadalajara, MundoNOW
Photo: Getty Images

Vicente Jr. only wanted to illustrate that there were other couples with an age difference who were very happy together.

Still, that did not stop thousands of people from attacking him online, arguing that Mariana is a gold digger and their relationship doesn’t compare to Charlie Chaplin’s.

On Suelta de Sopa’s official Instagram account, which reposted this Vicente’s message, people began commenting that he was ridiculous.

They pointed out that he shouldn’t compare himself to the British comedian.

Nobody believes his love

Photo: Mezcalent

One person commented about the post regarding Mariana González: “If grandfather wants to live deceived, let him keep doing it, that buchona who is going to love him, wants the grandfather’s bills, that it is his only love.”

“But this woman is buchona, there is a lot of difference.” “Let her mother believe it hahaha.” “Charlie had 8 children with his wife, and this old woman? When it starts with the first child, HAHA.”

«Oh Vicentito, take her to the hill with nothing, to see if that text is really true, do it and give you those children, that man just gets mense.”

“Epa, no compadre, Chaplin’s wife with that lady there is a lot of difference.”

«He deserves a better woman»


More and more comments began to pour in,  with people insisting there was no comparison between Charlie Chaplin’s marriage and Vicente’s relationship.

“The difference is that Vicente Jr.’s girlfriend likes to shine, show and very spectacular and that of Chaplin was the opposite.»

«HAHA don’t stain, what comparisons do you make.»

«Mr. Vicente is a great person and deserves another type of woman, he deserves a true lady, fine and classy, ​​not her with him for love, the best joke is what is in sight, he does not need glasses, if he sold tamales I don’t think he would be with him,” others commented.

Is Vicente Fernández Jr. proposing to a criminal?

They accuse Vicente Fernández Jr's girlfriend of crime and kidnapping and she responds shocked
PHOTO: Mezcalent

TvNotas interviewed a woman whose brother was kidnapped in 2016 and was tragically murdered.

She said the Mexican Kim Kardashian was responsible for this crime.

Lilia Yolanda Arreola Pérez said openly that she suspects that Vicente Fernández Jr.’s girlfriend was behind her brother’s kidnapping.

She suddenly had a lot of money after his death.

Mariana González is accused of being involved in her ex’s kidnapping

Vicente Fernández Jr, Mariana González Padilla
Photo: Mezcalent

The woman also said that her brother Mauricio was dating Mariana González in 2016, when he was kidnapped.

A ransom of 10 million pesos was paid to the kidnappers, who killed him anyway.

She said that after her brother’s murder, Mariana González stopped having contact with the family and went to Dubai for two months.

She also suddenly had money to build a new house out of nowhere.

Lilia Yolanda Arreola Pérez has a warning

Photo: Mezcalent

Lilia Yolanda Arreola Pérez ‘s warning for Vicente Fernández Jr. was clear.

She says Mariana González is a gold digger and sooner or later what happened to Mauricio could happen to him.

“Don Vicente Fernández adored, who is a warrior and has raised many battles, that he alienates his son, if they do not want to suffer the loss of a first-born. Turn on your red lights and realize what kind of person Mariana is.»

«I dare to see them face to face to tell them, I want you to meet this woman, justice will prove us right, if I am wrong or not. Whoever kidnaps once does it a thousand times more; this woman is of care,» Lilia Yolanda Arreola Pérez warned.

Vicente Fernández Jr.’s girlfriend speaks out

Vicente Fernández Jr
Photo: Mezcalent

Vicente Fernández Jr.’s girlfriend was caught by Despierta América cameras and asked about the kidnapping allegations.

«Everything will be arranged directly with the courts, next week everything will come out, that is not my sister-in-law, everything is a lie and it will be fixed in the courts.»

«Yes, these are people who want five minutes of fame or five pesos, he doesn’t have enough to eat right now, so this comes out, but everything will be fixed the way it has to be fixed, I don’t have to give any statement because the lawyers are going to say everything.»

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