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Vicente Fernández Jr.’s ex Mara Patricia Castañeda is already married!

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  • The ex-wife of Vicente Fernández Jr. has married for the second time.
  • They got engaged 2 years ago.

Mara Patricia Castañeda remarried: The renowned entertainment journalist, Mara Patricia, surprised everyone when a photograph of her with her new husband, Iván Martínez was published. The happy couple got married yesterday and, although there is not much information about it, a photograph of her with her new man speaks for itself.

The 56-year-old journalist was married to the eldest son of Vicente Fernandez, who is named after his famous father. According to various sources, the couple was married for approximately eight years.

Mara Patricia is remarried

PHOTO: Instagram

The journalist has not posted anything on social media. It was the account of the influencer and journalist Chamonix, that leaked the photograph of Mara Patricia dressed in white.  Nobody imagined that the couple was just now getting married, because according to the magazine Quién, they announced their engagement in 2020.

In the photograph we can see Patricia dressed in white with a bouquet of roses in her hand, natural makeup and a chic updo. On the other hand, we see the journalist’s husband, Iván Martínez, hugging her and wearing a very elegant black tuxedo. Filed Under: Mara Patricia Castañeda got married

Mara Patricia Castañeda announced her engagement in 2020

Mara Patricia Castaneda married
PHOTO: Instagram

According to Las Estrellas Iván Martínez and Mara first met in August 2017, but it was not until a year later that Vicente Fernández Jr.’s ex-wife publicly announced that they were in a relationship. «I am very happy, we are very similar… I am very happy with him and I hope that we continue like this,» she told the press.

In July 2020, Mara received an engagement ring from Iván on a trip to Tulum, Quintana Roo. At that time, Castañeda announced through her social networks that she was engaged again. “Today he gave me an engagement ring in this beautiful place, so surrounded by nature. I am very happy, ”she said on social media. (VIDEO) Filed Under: Mara Patricia Castañeda got married

Mara Patricia: “It is the second and the last”

Mara Patricia Castaneda married
PHOTO: Mezcaliente

In 2020, after announcing her engagement, the journalist released the long-awaited news oh Facebook and businessman Roberto Palazuelos congratulated her and shared her happiness. In addition, he asked her about her recent engagement and they joked about it.

«How many marriages have you had?» Palazuelos asked the journalist, to which the host replied with a laugh: «Eight, not how you think, it’s the second and the last,» she said, confidently. Her marriage to Vicente Fernandez Jr.. was one of the most notorious in all of Mexico, because in addition to being important figures, the wedding was a huge. Filed Under: Mara Patricia Castañeda got married

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