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Venezuelan migrant stabbed to death in New York City shelter

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Venezuelan migrant stabbed to death (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Venezuelan migrant fatally stabbed in NYC shelter.
  • Ethnic tensions increase at the migrant shelter.
  • Authorities arrest a suspect and increase security.

In a tragic turn of events at a Randall Island migrant shelter, 24-year-old Venezuelan immigrant Dafren Cabello was killed in a fight over a woman.

The incident, which shook New York’s migrant community, occurred just before 7:30 pm in the dining tent of the humanitarian aid center.

According to witnesses, the Venezuelan migrant was attacked by four men after chatting with the girlfriend of a Peruvian man.

José David, a witness, described the altercation to the Daily Mail as a dispute over a woman, noting that the conflict broke out next to the dining room.

Fatal stabbing at Randall Island migrant shelter

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Photo: Shutterstock

Reports indicate that tension between Cabello and the Peruvian man escalated quickly, culminating in an act of deadly violence.

This incident highlights growing tensions in the center, which has been divided into armed ‘camps’ along ethnic lines.

Cabello’s murder has raised concerns among migrants, many of whom now fear for their safety.

Hispanic, African and Haitian migrants also frequently find themselves at odds, with the local cafeteria serving as a critical point of friction.

Challenges and tension in U.S. migrant shelters

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The violence in these centers is a reflection of the challenges faced by the more than 140,000 migrants who have arrived in New York since 2022.

The city, struggling to accommodate this massive influx, has seen its resources and services stretched to the limit.

Mayor Adams has responded with a call for greater notice of migrant arrivals, according to the Daily Mail.

But the efforts have been unsuccessful, with some migrants being left in New Jersey.

Safety issues

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Mauricio Pinto, another migrant, told the Daily Mail that everyone has a knife at the center.

This atmosphere of fear is compounded by the lack of adequate security, a concern expressed by Roger Castillo, who spoke to Cabello moments before his death.

Cabello’s brother, Eduin Daniel, expressed his pain from Denver, remembering his brother as a responsible father and a good man who sought a better future.

Cabello’s death is a devastating loss for his grieving family, who are struggling financially.

An arrest and increased security measures

Venezuelan Migrant Stabbed, New York, Peruvian, woman, incident
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Police have arrested Moisés Coronado, 27, charging him with second-degree murder.

He was taken from the Eric M. Taylor Center and is awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court on January 12.

The murder of the Venezuelan migrant has led the authorities to redouble their efforts to guarantee the security downtown, according to City Hall spokesperson Kayla Mamelak.

This incident highlights the complexities and challenges faced by migrants and receiving cities.

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