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Venezuelan family receives wrong body from Mexico

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Family receives the wrong body / photo: Cortesia/ Shutterstock
  • A Venezuelan family received the wrong body.
  • José Daniel Suárez was murdered in Mexico.
  • A woman was in the coffin sent to his family.

In a bizarre mistake, the Suárez family from Villa del Rosario, Zulia, Venezuela received the wrong body from Mexico.

When they opened the coffin, they found a strange woman, rather than their deceased relative.

José Daniel Suárez, also known as ‘Joche,’ was murdered in Mexico City on October 1.

His family went through a lengthy process to repatriate his remains.

A terrible error with repatriation

coffin, mourning, funeral, farewell, flowers, MundoNow, José Daniel
Photo: AP

After three months and 18 days, the wrong body arrived at their home. It was not José Daniel, but a woman who was supposed to be sent to Paris.

Noticia al Dia reported the news on Friday, January 19.

Larry Suárez, José Daniel’s cousin, shared his surprise and pain in a video.

«As he came in a sealed container, we didn’t open the coffin until this morning.»

Indigenous tradition reveals the wrong body

coffin, funeral, last goodbye, death, MundoNow
Photo: Shutterstock
PHOTO Shutterstock

«We removed the packaging to leave him as a Wayúu, as we are, to let him be preserved, and thus carry out the exhumation of the remains,» explained Larry Suárez.

Following the traditions of the Wayúu, an indigenous tribe in Venezuela, the family discovered the error while preparing the body for burial.

«We cried yesterday because the wrong body was sent, it was not our cousin.»

«I thought this could never happen, but it is happening to my family, and today we realized it as we were already heading to the burial,» said the young man’s cousin.

What will happen now?

Coffin, mourning, death, Wrong corpse, MundoNOW, José Daniel
Photo: Shutterstock

The woman’s body is now at the Imperial Funeral Home in Machiques de Perijá.

«She is blonde and elderly. Her destination was Paris, France,» explained Larry Suárez.

They are in communication with Mexican customs to resolve the situation.

José Daniel’s remains are still in customs in Mexico City.

Confusion over the coffins

wrong body, casket, coffin, death, venezuela, MundoNow
Photo: Shutterstock

«We have already verified, and my cousin’s body is in Customs in Mexico City, at the airport.»

«They made a mistake with the coffin because it is the same color, they only differ in size.»

«We called customs here in Maracaibo, and they told us we had to send them an email.»

Apparently, the bodies were in nearly identical coffins, resulting in the error.

The Suárez family anxiously awaits a resolution

wrong body, coffin, casket, funeral, MundoNow,
Photo: Shutterstock

The family is now working to solve the issue with Maracaibo customs.

José Daniel had traveled to Mexico in September, with plans to go on to the United States.

He worked in Mexico to save for his trip, but was tragically murdered.

The Suárez family is still waiting for a resolution and the return of José Daniel’s remains.

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