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The used cars that retain their value over time

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Autos usados devalúan
  • Do you have a used car?
  • Discover which vehicles are least likely to depreciate.
  • These are the cars that retain their value over time.

Used cars depreciate. Have you ever bought a vehicle and when you want to sell it in a few years, you realize how much its value has depreciated? It is a big problem for everyone. However, there are some cars that take more time to lose value. Find out which ones they are!

The first thing to explain is that a car’s depreciation is the difference between the price you paid for it and its value when you want to sell it. After analyzing more than 72 million data points between 2019 and 2022 in the United States, Europe and Australia, CarVertical found that, overall, trucks, SUVs and sports cars depreciate the least.

Which used cars maintain their value?

What are the used cars that are less devalued?

Based on the study, it was determined that luxury cars depreciate the least and, in terms of makes, the five best rated were: 1. Porsche: Its 911 model is one of the most iconic cars in automotive history, with a huge fan base, so it’s no wonder demand outstrips supply.

This brand has earned the trust of drivers with durable models whose distinguished appearance attracts customers. It just has to be said that, according to the study, more recent models like the Cayenne don’t have the same level of positive depreciation compared to the classics, according to El Universal.

Cars that don’t depreciate

Used Cars Devalue: Popular Brands

2. Jeep: This company is well known for its rugged, high-performance models, which is why it has loyal customers. Regarding the models that depreciate the least, the Wrangler has a classic design and not much has changed since its initial launch in the eighties. Today it offers 10 versions for all tastes.

3. MINI Cooper: With good performance and elegant design, this car, which was launched in 1959, was the first small car to have front-wheel drive. Since then it has offered vehicles with a different look that are fun to drive. The MINI has been popular with celebrities and has had notable appearances in movies and series, which has increased their popularity. Filed Under: Used cars depreciate

These cars maintain their value

They take more years to maintain their price

4. Land Rover: A premium SUV that not everyone can afford to buy. Even Queen Elizabeth has a Land Rover, so they are highly coveted models. 5. Jaguar: This company is famous for sports cars and luxury sedans, but it recently launched its SUV and electric vehicles to expand its range.

According to CarVertical, used cars reach their lowest value when they are between 20 and 23 years old. However, this varies significantly from brand to brand. Porsche and MINI depreciate the most after 15 years, but after that time their value increases again. Suzuki and Kia are on the opposite side as they bottom out at age 30. While Toyota reaches its lowest value at 19 years and BMWs do so at 21. Filed Under: Used cars depreciate

30 years old?

30 years duration?

In this sense, the CarValue explains that while predicting the value of a new car in three years is relatively easy, doing it after 10 years is more complicated. For this reason, they recommend using online car depreciation calculators to get an idea, though they are not entirely reliable.

In conclusion, if you buy a regular car, it is likely that its useful life will end in about 30 years. However, if you have the opportunity, a Porsche or Jaguar will last much longer and can even be a long-term investment. Filed Under: Used cars depreciate

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