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The US announces measures to handle expected surge of immigrants at the border after Title 42 ends

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Joe Biden migrantes frontera
  • The United States is preparing for a surge of immigrants.
  • Biden administration announces additional measures as Title 42 ends.
  • They have admitted it will be chaotic for a while.

As Title 42 ends today, President Biden has announced additional measures to curb the surge of migrants at the border with Mexico, according to The Hill and the AP.

President Biden predicted the US-Mexico border will be «chaotic for some time» once pandemic-related restrictions are lifted, as some 550 active-duty soldiers began to arrive in the region and migrants watched, trying to decide whether or not to cross into the United States.


Joe Biden border migrants

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Authorities expect a surge of immigrants at the southern border and administration officials reported a series of steps that fall into three broad categories: compliance, deterrence and diplomacy — all to control the situation.

The restrictions have been in place since 2020 and have allowed federal authorities to quickly expel migrants at the border. Title 42 will come to an end this week and the United States is implementing a series of new measures that will reduce the number of illegal crossings while offering migrants a legal pathway into the United States if they register through a government app, have a sponsor and pass background checks.


Title 42
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Deploying the military is part of the effort to increase security along the southern border. Their main role is to monitor the border, capture data and provide support. «They are not there in any way to interact with migrants,” said Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder.

The goal is for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel to engage in law enforcement activities. Included in this plan is the dispatch of 24,000 law enforcement agents and 1,100 new Border Patrol processing coordinators.


Joe Biden border migrants
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The US will also open regional processing centers in parts of Central America where migrants can determine in their country of origin whether they are eligible for a legal path to enter the United States. It is hoped this will prevent many from trying to cross the border illegally.

The administration is looking to launch an online platform in the coming days where immigrants can make an appointment at one of those processing centers, a senior administration official said.


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The US will also impose «significant conditions on asylum eligibility» for those who do not use established legal avenues, a senior administration official said. Efforts to address a potential increase in people seeking to enter the US will be a collaborative effort with international partners.

Even with the asylum restrictions implemented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government has seen record numbers of people crossing the border. The federal government’s plan is to crack down on illegal crossers and create new pathways to offer alternatives to a dangerous and often deadly journey.

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