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URGENT: New shooting at popular Georgia mall

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  • URGENT: New shooting at popular Georgia mall
  • The police came to the scene almost immediately to avoid tragedies
  • Fortunately, no one was injured in that violent incident.

Hundreds of people enjoying a fair in Gwinnett County, Georgia, had the scare of their lives this Saturday night.

And it is that according to witnesses an

unknown subject drew a weapon in the middle of the crowd in Sugarloaf Mill, in the city of Duluth and out of nowhere, began to open fire.

Hearing the detonations, people were scared and ran everywhere in terror, in order to avoid being shot.

Some of those present took out their cell phones and began to record in order to have evidence to hand over to the authorities.

Several calls came into the 911 emergency system reporting the incident and within minutes the place was full of police officers.

The patrols immediately surrounded the area and carried out an intense search, but had no luck.

URGENT mall shooting

According to official reports, the uniformed men found no traces of the shooter and not even the weapon used.

Fortunately, they did not find any injured or deceased person, but they did find entire terrified families.

“You can’t even take the kids out for fun anymore. I’m in the middle of the fair with my son and suddenly a shooting begins ”, narrated on his Facebook page Joselin Amador, who happened to be there at that precise moment.

“And the worst thing was that it was children who were shooting, about 16 or 17 years old. Thank God my son and I are fine… What a crappy world. What’s going on in Atlanta? ”Asked the young Honduran.

URGENT mall shooting

The new shooting that is still under investigation occurs just days after the massacre in another north Georgia city in which eight people lost their lives.

The victims of this tragedy were mostly Asian, although it is known that there were a couple of Hispanics involved.

In the wake of this misfortune, the Gwinnett police promised they would be more vigilant about Asian businesses.

The wife of Hispanic Elcías Hernández Ortiz, one of the survivors of the massacre in three massage parlors in the metropolitan Atlanta area that occurred on Tuesday, expressed shock at what happened in an exclusive interview for MundoHispánico.

“Sometimes I have no words. Sometimes it’s just too strong for me. I never imagined this, ”said Flora González Gómez.

Hispanic spa massacre
Kamila Daza / MH

Hispanic wife recounts the hard time her family lived

“I was here at home. He told me: They shot me, they shot me. Please come, come, I need you. The only thing he said and the call was cut off, ”he said.

With little information except for the shocking news, González Gómez tried to search for her husband in a mechanical workshop and then, without success, in an AutoZone auto parts store, distraught over Elcías’ life, without knowing where he was until she finally reached the Young’s Asian Massage parlor in Acworth, northwest of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Until she finally managed to find her husband …

Hispanic spa massacre

MundoHispánico: What went through your head at that moment?

Flora González Gómez: That for a few moments I, I did not believe it was true. I did not believe it was true. I left because he no longer answered the call. So I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was shaking and I was crying and I was like wow, unable to react.

Until the police approached her …

Hispanic spa massacre

They were for hours with the uncertainty of her husband’s well-being, until the police approached her.

“When the police said they gave me a card and said: ‘You can go to the hospital; he’s in such a hospital and he’s alive. ‘ It was something, it was living hope, “he continued.

“We went to the hospital and the doctors came. That was the most difficult moment of my life, I was never going to imagine that I was going to live for it. So that’s where the doctor told me: ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry because your husband is serious, critically, he’s serious. That the bullet was in the forehead, crossed a lung through the face and throat and the bullet is now in the stomach, ‘he explained.

The only daughter of the couple also lived anguish

Yoseline, the only daughter of Elcías and Flora, also experienced distressing moments, although she tried at all times to calm her anguished mother.

“He is a father who is always there, he is the only daughter we have. He always says it’s his baby, ”said Flora.

Community help

Meanwhile, Clara Luz Rodríguez, a family friend, said that they are now seeking community support both in prayers and financially, since Elcías Hernández Ortiz remains hospitalized and will require several surgeries.

Hernández remains in a delicate state, as the bullet passed through his forehead into his stomach and will continue to lodge in his body until early next week when they plan to remove it.

Hernández Ortiz will need a plastic surgeon and other surgical procedures, for which his family is asking for help from the entire community so that they can donate to his page of GoFundMe.

If you want to collaborate, click here.

“Because I don’t have the words to say what it feels like, the pain it caused so many family and my family as well. But I just leave it up to God. May God do divine justice. And the authorities too ”, concluded Flora González Gómez.

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