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Undocumented immigrants found locked in toolboxes in Texas

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  • Three undocumented immigrants were found hidden in toolboxes.
  • The migrants are originally from Honduras.
  • The person responsible for transporting them was arrested.

Migrants crossing into the United States illegally is an ongoing issue on the border because hundreds of people cross the river to reach this country looking for the American Dream almost daily. However, in most cases they fail to meet that goal.

This weekend, in Texas, the authorities found three Honduran migrants who were locked in tool boxes that were being transported by a truck that was intercepted on the highway. They were immediately investigated.

Migrants are found locked inside toolboxes

You find migrants locked in tool boxes

According to the New York Post, the three Honduran men crossed the US border into Texas stuffed into two tool boxes on the back of a pickup truck. It is worth mentioning that they were exposed to the sweltering temperatures that have recently hit the country.

The three migrants were discovered by Border Patrol agents at the Ysleta Station checkpoint in El Paso, Texas, after the black Chevrolet Silverado vehicle that was transporting them was stopped for a routine check.

They were exposed to the heat

Migrants toolboxes: They were exposed to the heat

Thanks to the security systems implemented on the country’s border, authorities were able to find the undocumented Hondurans who were locked up in two large tool boxes. In the images shown on social media, you can see the three men dressed in t-shirts and jeans and crammed into large tool boxes.

The men were found by a trained K-9 dog during routine border control. The unidentified driver, a US citizen, admitted to carrying «a personal amount of marijuana» and a handgun. When asked about the tool boxes, he said he didn’t have the keys to open them, authorities say. Filed Under: Migrants toolboxes

What happened to the men?

What happened to the undocumented?

After Border Patrol agents managed to open the tool boxes and find the men, they arrested the driver, who is in custody on charges of conspiracy to transport. So far it is not clear what happened to the migrants after they were discovered.

It was only mentioned that the smuggled migrants were medically evaluated and found to be in good health. On the other hand, the driver will remain in custody and will be charged with conspiracy to transport migrants. Filed Under: Migrants toolboxes

It’s dangerous to trust the ‘coyotes’

A danger to trust the 'coyotes'

“Endangering human lives through the use of dangerous and despicable smuggling tactics is the modus operandi of transnational criminal organizations,” El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez said in a press release.

“I am extremely proud of the actions of our El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents, as they are often in high-risk situations, where were it not for their dedication and intervention, events like these would turn into tragedies.” Filed Under: Migrants toolboxes

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