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Uncontrollable appetite post exercise? 5 tricks to not let your effort be ruined

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  • Are you hungry after exercising? we explain why
  • 5 tricks so you don’t ruin your effort!
  • Don’t be afraid of hunger, it is possible to control urges to eat

Exercising is a habit that has great benefits for mental health and physical of a person. Physical activity, even light or high-impact, can improve our skin, our bones, our body composition, as well as our sleep patterns and uncontrollable appetites.

It is important to follow a routine of exercise and a good diet on our way to a better lifestyle. We know that if we want to lose weight the most important thing will always be to consume fewer calories and avoid a sedentary lifestyle, but what happens when we go to the gym or train and at the end we feel an uncontrollable appetite?

Do not worry! sometimes, the type of activity carried out in hunger that can give us at the end, but that does not mean that we have a free pass to consume all the calories we want or, even worse, that we ruin our diet for a moment of weakness.

What can you do to control your appetite that may seem uncontrollable when exercising? Here we present you 5 options

uncontrollable appetite


Have a small snack before exercising

One way to avoid being prey to uncontrollable appetite after training is to eat a small snack before doing any activity. Remember to consume a piece of fruit or energy bar, according to your needs, approximately one hour before exercising. Try to be low-fat foods, so that you save the protein for after finishing your day at the gym.

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Hydrate well


Before, during and after any physical activity, it is essential to drink sufficient amounts of fluids, preferably water. It happens that when we sweat a lot and use our energy reserve we can present symptoms of dehydration and our body would ask us for food to recover. It may not completely take away your uncontrollable appetite, but it will help you control the urge to eat large amounts of food; Thus, you will no longer ruin your effort in the gym.

Do breathing exercises

uncontrollable appetite


A technique What you can use is to perform breathing exercises to control uncontrollable appetite and evaluate the decisions you will make after finishing your day at the gym. So that you do not fall prey to a voracious appetite, remember all the efforts that have led you to lose or maintain your weight and physical composition; Sometimes it is better to take a few moments to identify if we are really starving or if this is something we can control with a piece of fruit, a serving of protein or an energy bar that does not ruin our progress.

Train before a main meal

It is advisable to train before having one of our main meals, either in the morning, afternoon or evening. Thus, we will not have a pretext to eat the first thing we see in the cupboard, but we will be prepared to feed ourselves in the most correct way according to our objectives and avoid uncontrollable appetite.

Uncontrollable appetite

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Avoid fasts

Try to avoid long fasts; If you are going to train without having eaten, it is most likely that during exercise you will start to feel hungry and that it will be more difficult for you to control your impulses; the body needs the necessary nutrients at the right times in order to function properly, especially if you are requiring it to expend more energy than it usually does.

Forget suffering from hunger, keep in mind that you do not have to go hungry to achieve your goals, enjoy your activity!

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