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U.S. kills high-ranking pro-Iran militia commander

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Drone, attack, Baghdad
Drone attack in Baghdad (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • U.S. drone attack in Baghdad.
  • Tension grows in the Middle East.
  • The political and diplomatic repercussions.

In a shocking announcement, the United States confirmed this Wednesday the death of a commander of the pro-Iranian Iraqi militia Kataib Hezbollah during a bombing in eastern Baghdad.

U.S. Central Command reported that an attack with unmanned aircraft (drones) hit a car in the Iraqi capital.

This resulted in the death of three members of the powerful Kataib Hezbollah militia, including the aforementioned high-ranking commander.

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U.S. military officials said the commander, whose name was not revealed, was responsible for «directly planning and participating in attacks» against U.S. forces in the Middle East.

The incident took place on a main road in the Mashtal neighborhood of eastern Baghdad, generating a crowd as emergency response teams sifted through the rubble.

The heavily guarded Green Zone, where several diplomatic compounds are located, was closed by security forces.

This came amid calls for protesters to storm the U.S. embassy.

U.S. drone attack in Baghdad

Drone attack in Baghdad, USA, commander, death, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Baghdad Police identified the deceased as Baqir al Saadi and Arkan al Alaywi, members of Kataib Hezbollah.

It is worth mentioning that this attack occurs in a context of growing tensions in the region, according to EFE.

It comes just days after the U.S. military carried out an airstrike against numerous sites in Iraq and Syria.

This attack even targeted Iranian-backed militias and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in retaliation for an attack that claimed the lives of three American soldiers in Jordan in late January.

U.S. blames Kataib Hezbollah for attacks

Attack, drones, USA, Militia, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

The United States has blamed the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a broad coalition of militias backed by Iran, for the attack in Jordan.

American officials have expressed suspicions that Kataib Hezbollah, in particular, is leading this organization.

The recent elimination of the commander during the bombing in Baghdad underlines the determination of the United States military.

They are directly targeting the key leaders behind the hostile actions against their forces in the region.

Will they stop the attacks?

Attack, Baghdad, Middle East, drones, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has regularly claimed responsibility for attacks against bases housing U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria.

They say the attacks are retaliation for Washington’s support for Israel in its war in Gaza that has killed 27,707 Palestinians. , according to the Ministry of Health of the Hamas-ruled territory.

Kataib Hezbollah had said in a statement that it would suspend attacks on U.S. troops to avoid «embarrassing the Iraqi government» after the attack in Jordan.

On Sunday, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed that a drone attack on a base housing U.S. troops in eastern Syria left several dead.

Allied groups in the Middle East

Middle East, death, commander, War, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

The attack killed six fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-led group and U.S. ally, according to The Associated Press.

The latest flare-up in the regional conflict came shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday rejected terms for a hostage release agreement proposed by Hamas.

He promised to continue the war until an “absolute victory” is achieved.

Also on Wednesday, the Houthi rebels’ press office in Yemen reported two airstrikes in the Ras Issa area of ​​Salif district in Hodeidah province.

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