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Profe Claudio Nieto: Types of Fat

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  • Profe Claudio Nieto explains the different types of fat and their function in the body.
  • It might be surprising, but not all fat is bad.
  • Discover how they benefit your body and how they can also harm it.

Is all the fat we have equally bad? Are there classes or types of fats in the body?

If I tell you there’s a type of fat that’s healthy, you might find it curious, but I suppose I could convince you with facts…

But if I tell you there’s a type of fat that helps you lose weight, would you believe it? Probably not, right?

That’s why today I’m going to explain the 5 types of fat we have in the body.

Essential Fat

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Essential fat is needed to live and for our body to work right. It must be there and can be thought of as a special part because it can make hormones.

Here are some jobs it does: Making Leptin: This helps handle hunger and how much food makes you full.

Insulin Work: It helps sugars and other good stuff go to muscles, stopping too much fat and swelling.

Start of Special Hormones: These things are needed for our body’s energy and hormone work. It’s important to say that taking away too much essential fat can be bad, as these things are important for our body’s evenness.

Muscle and Subcutaneous

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It’s easy to know where this fat is (in muscles) and it can be good for some people, like athletes.

But having too much of it is rare and usually not a problem.

Now, for the next type. Subcutaneous fat is the fat under the skin and is found everywhere in the body. Where it builds up can depend on genes and if you’re a man or woman.

For men, it often builds up in the belly area, while for women it’s often in the hips and thighs. Eating right and exercising can help get rid of this fat.

Visceral Fat

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Visceral fat is the most dangerous, as it accumulates around internal organs and can have a negative impact on health.

Its accumulation is related to poor eating habits, consumption of low-quality fats, and lack of physical activity.

This fat can contribute to serious health issues such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and more.

Reducing it is essential for overall health improvement. Lastly, we have the one that helps us with temperature.

Brown or Beige

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Brown fat, also known as beige fat, is a lesser-known but important type of fat.

It has the ability to use other fats already in the body to generate heat and combat cold. Some key points about brown fat include:

Thermal Regulation: Brown fat helps the body maintain body temperature by generating heat from burning fat already in us.

Cold Stimulation: Controlled and periodic exposure to cold can increase the amount of brown fat in the body and improve the body’s ability to burn fat. This type of fat can aid in fat burning and metabolic rate increase.

Final details

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It’s important to understand that not all fat is the same and that the body needs certain types of fat to function properly.

The key to effective fat loss lies in adopting healthy lifestyle habits that promote the reduction of unwanted fat and the preservation of essential fat.

Moreover, it’s essential to remember that exposure to cold should be done sensibly and in a controlled manner.

Signing off, Profe Claudio Nieto, and I hope you now have more tools to understand your body. Until next time!

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Profe Claudio Nieto
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