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Types of Covid vaccines: Everything you need to know about the different shots

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Do you know the difference between types of Covid vaccines? The United States has already given 538 million doses of the different Covid-19 vaccines. This represents a total of approximately 64% of the adult population, and many children. Currently, there are a few different types of vaccines available to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, so it is important to know how they work. Discover the different types of Covid vaccines here!

How do they work?

Some types of Covid vaccine use the traditional method of conditioning the immune system to respond effectively to diseases by mimicking the infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria or microorganisms. However, science has worked on other types of Covid-19 vaccines. These use a messenger RNA, or mRNA, which produces antigens to provide your cells with the genetic code they needs to produce the antigen that will fight the disease. It’s important to emphasize is that no vaccine interferes with human DNA.

How safe are Covid vaccines?

Person applying the covid vaccine

The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have rigorously studied the components of each Covid vaccine, concluding that they are safe and of great benefit to the public. This is supported by years of previous studies for the development of vaccines, including clinical trials to verify that they meet international safety standards and guidelines, and that they are suitable for administration in humans.

How were Covid vaccines developed so quickly?

A recurring concern regarding Covid-19 vaccines is the speed with which they were manufactured. However, it is important to remember that scientists have been studying variants of the SARS virus for many years, which represented a great advance for the development of vaccines for Covid-19. In addition, factors such as the ease of access to larger study groups, technological advances like the development of mRNA vaccines and rapid production thanks to the federal budget and investment contributed.

How do they protect me?

types of covid vaccines

Each vaccine protects in a different way, although its basic operation consists of teaching the body how it should behave with a virus so that it can fight it effectively. This operates by means of a “memory” of T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes. For the body to «learn» this behavior, a few weeks have to pass after receiving the vaccine. That is why some can get sick with Covid, either before receiving the vaccine or a few days after their first dose.

Can it Covid vaccines affect DNA?

According to UNICEF, no RNA or mRNA vaccine produced to combat Covid-19 has the ability to interact with human DNA, much less infect it. Furthermore, these components never enter the cell nuclei, which is where the DNA is found. These types of vaccines teach cells how to produce a special protein to boost an immune response to disease, and it is this action that keeps the body safe.

Types of vaccines

types of covid vaccines

There are three types of Covid-19 vaccines: mRNA vaccines, which include Pfizer and Moderna; the protein subunit vaccines, which are those that are still in development, and, lastly, the vector vaccines, such as Johnson & Johnson. To find out which vaccine is indicated for each age group, it is necessary to consult with your family doctor. However, in general, the mRNA vaccine is preferred.

How many shots?

The number of doses will depend on the type of vaccine that you are getting. For example, in some cases two doses and a booster are required. Though currently, a person is considered to be completely vaccinated two weeks after receiving the second dose. On the other hand, some vaccines only require a single dose, as is the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Although, most experts agree the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should be followed up with a booster in order to be effective.

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